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MR: WW “One”of Lanka’s greatest patriots

MR hails ‘Santa Cars’ Wimal as one of Lanka’s greatest patriots Sunday Times’Punch 2 This Tuesday, while Wimal Weerawansa was walking from the court house to the black police jeep that awaited to take him back to his remand cell at the Welikada jail, no doubt, the rich glowing tribute paid to him last Sunday by … Continue reading

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MR’s doosra| Wimal, the true patriot

Daily News Editorials That the six Chief Ministers who met former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for a possible rapprochement, failed in their bid to iron out differences, may not have been a surprise to many. Rajapaksa is obviously is still smarting at being denied an opportunity at a fling at the Premiership, the grass cut from, … Continue reading

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JO Challenges Court Order for WW

Let court decide WW’s case A big ha ho is being made these days over the arrest and remanding of National Freedom Front leader Wimal Weerawansa, with even demonstrations being planned by the Joint Opposition. Weerawansa was arrested on a court order, obviously after a thorough examination of his case by the judge. The JO, … Continue reading

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