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The Gota (prez) project C/o Udaya G

Gota Project (Daily News Editorial) Pivithuru Hela Urumaya leader Udaya Gammanpila after lying in hibernation during the last few days has risen in defence of the Rajapaksa government vis a vis the Meethotamulla tragedy. Not showing himself at the scene, even though he must have received a substantial number of preference votes from the Meethotamulla … Continue reading

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Gamman Pillars ! (Thoughts from Toronto)

Daily FT Member of Parliament Dilan Perera said something interesting recently at one of those ubiquitous press briefings. What he took great pains to enunciate momentarily confused me. Referring to an action of a colleague known for his noisy political aspirations in the muddied milieu of turbulent politics of Sri Lanka, Mr. Perera mentioned for … Continue reading

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Girding their loins

Daily News Editorial Sri Lankans may be in for interesting times in the new year. Rajapaksa lackey Udaya Gammanpila is planning to hoist black flags to mark the first anniversary of President Sirisena’s inauguration while the GMOA has issued an ultimatum to the Government to coincide with the black flag protest. The two, may or … Continue reading

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