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In Politics Stealing and Cheating is Legal

CONTROVERSIES, CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES!!! (Original Title)   One of the leading newspapers carries a front-page headline saying “PRESIDENT CALLS FOR ELECTING AN HONEST MAN AS PM;” what exactly is our President trying to infer here??? As opposed to that, we read in yet another newspaper that the Prime Minister has been given the Award for … Continue reading

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Could we honestly hand over the governing of this country to MR

What does the future hold? (Original Title, Daily Mirror) What does the future hold for this country??? Two members of the Youth Parliament rape a girl and nothing happens!!! Conversely, in India two boys aged 20 and 24 years gang-raped an eight-year-old girl and were given capital punishment; the headline said ‘DEATH SENTENCE FOR RAPE … Continue reading

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Ravi K Should Resign

“Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.” – Julius Caesar The UNP has decided to suspend Ravi Karunanayake (MP) from the post of Assistant Leader based on the Tilak Marapana Report. This is consequent to the findings of the Presidential Commission on the Treasury (T) Bonds issue of 27 February 2015 and 29 March 2016 and the … Continue reading

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