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One cannot eat Liberal Democracy

These Local Government elections will take rural Sinhala people to the polling booths on different issues President Maithripala Sirisena Anti- corruption is only selectively campaigned in Colombo circles. The Rs.23.5 million a month rent paid for the DPJ Tower’ that still remains unoccupied for nearly two years and the alledged underhand Mega Spectrum deal that … Continue reading

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Selfish Urban Professionals and Governance…….

Daily Mirror …….How the ignorant willingness of the urban middle-class activism keep this system going Legality and morals apart, more questions arose with respect to democratic rule. A whole lot of new amendments substituted a single amendment brought to the Provincial Council Elections Bill at the last minute. The crisis is evident in the education … Continue reading

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Whole country totally corrupt

Daily Mirror How the open market economy corrupted everything-including political parties, the State and all professions Within open market economy, Governments keep relaxing labour laws as incentives for investor promotion, who in turn take care of political parties and professionals The State controlled economy was not for regeneration of private capital thus denying the development … Continue reading

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