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Good Governance the joke of this generation

Daily Mirror Groggy Govt. and its fallout……..A Government as groggy as this will not be able to leave a future for the people Glyphosate issue is more of a Sinhala Nationalist demand than an actual environmental and health issue Govt. contradicts and exhibits its inability to reach consensus in making decisions Some smart guy who … Continue reading

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Don’t allow TNCs to run the government

Glyphosate: Don’t allow TNCs to run the government Powerful transnational corporations especially those involved in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and food are known to be pushing hard to sell their products here in what social justice analysts see as economic neo-colonialism which is more dangerous than the old military colonialism. We wish to spotlight today one such … Continue reading

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The Government must expose that politician

Daily Mirror Editorial  Need for a proper probe Two allegations of a serious nature have rocked the boat of the new government which came into power this January. One of them was the 30-year bond controversy of which a committee appointed by the Prime Minister had submitted a report which is now being further inquired … Continue reading

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