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Cats are wiser than educated bulls or donkeys like us

Milk of Human Kindness Daily Mirror Editorial As part of the all-inclusive and eco-friendly development strategy, the National Government has also launched a mission for Sri Lanka to produce the nutritious food we need in our own country. This will be done instead of importing junk foods and processed rubbish at a cost of hundreds … Continue reading

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Fresh Milk or Powdered Milk

A Healthy Lanka: Let the cow open the gate The National Unity Government, in one of the most important moves of its sustainable development programme, has launched a three year mission for Sri Lanka to grow its own nutritious food without any “Wasa Wisa” from agro-chemicals or other sources. A vital aspect of this national … Continue reading

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Open the gates for the cow

Despite widespread criticism on the failure to reduce the cost of living and prosecute former VIPs allegedly involved in large scale corruption, the National Unity Government is actively engaged in two creditable achievements — making Sri Lanka a ‘Wasa Wisa Nethi’ country and providing fresh milk to schoolchildren.

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