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Death and taxes

Daily Mirror Benjamin Franklin thought that one could never avoid death and taxes. However if you meet death, then you don’t have to pay taxes. Perhaps we may avert one because of the other. Now, can we do it the other way round: Avert death by paying taxes? Perhaps, paying higher taxes? Well, actually we … Continue reading

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How to have a better death

Death is inevitable. A bad death is not Cartoons added by TW IN 1662 a London haberdasher with an eye for numbers published the first quantitative account of death. John Graunt tallied causes such as “the King’s Evil”, a tubercular disease believed to be cured by the monarch’s touch. Others seem uncanny, even poetic. In … Continue reading

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Basil and his cows| Death be not proud

Basil and his cows Island Editorials Former minister Basil Rajapaksa’s arrest came as no surprise. Whether he has abused his power as an influential minister of the previous government to help himself to public funds or not will be determined by the judiciary and the burden of proof is on the government. However, the judicial … Continue reading

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