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Worldwide Government corruption:

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Videos:1.6 Billion rounds plus 2,700 hundred of these (2:45)100 years of a fraudulent tax system (27:39)75% of Americans wake up (5:02)

Alex Jones sums up the history of geopolitics and The New World Order (14:39)

“All governments would like to be totalitarian” (12:00)

Amendment regarding Eminent Domain (2:08)

Americans abandoned (17:57)

An alternative to the Common Core Scam (17:34)

Arrest Rove now! (10:00)

Asa Hutchinson: Federal cover up artist for Mena Guns, drugs, and money laundering (10:03)

Ask not for whom the bell tolls (9:30)

Binders Full of Flim Flam (10:01)

Blaming the victims (3:00)

Bloomberg: “Let them eat kale” (1:48)

Boston Bombing Hoax Explained In 6 Minutes (6:41)

Breaking news: Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years (8:27)

CIA’s Porter Goss and the 9/11 cover up (14:56)

Coping with the aftermath (11/7/12) (3:44)

Corporate chemical warfare (4:18)

Crisis creation: 1981 style (13:10)

Decoding the Common Core Curriculum scam (5:21)

Did it really happen? (15:46)

Documentary: It Can’t Happen Here (1:34:24)

Factories at sea (30:12)

False flag in Norway (9:28)

“Fast and Furious” Made Simple (2:32)

Feds try to steal a motel from elderly couple (2:47)

Gangsters at work (9:08)

Gladio: Military terror ops in Europe (31:40)

Going in Circles (6:22)

Guatemala – 1983 (27:54)

Gun confiscation reality check (00:05:04)

Homeland Security goes on an ammo buying binge (6:51)

How “religious” conflicts are created (16:47)

How America lost its way (4:53)

How Congress works (2:46)

How Empires Decline (including ours) (1:03:01)

How is this funny? (1:04)

How It All Works – Part Two (8:06)

How Politicians See You (14:23)

How psychopaths run the world and what to do about it (15:30)

How the government really works (7:51)

How the medical monster came to be (6:11)

John McCain: Professional crook (2:48)

John Stewart on The Monsanto Protection Act (6:23)

Juian Assange is still a prisoner (2:18)

Leaking Reactors (2:26)

Libya, The Real Story (22:17)

“Lost” US soldier found in Vietnam (1:37)

Mae Brussell: We never went to the moon (44:06)

Manufacturing Poverty (26:58)

Monsanto practically a government agency (9:29)

More “Free Trade” bullshit revealed (20:42)

Naomi Wolf: The End of America (47:48)

Next they’re coming for the children (00:08:01)

ObamaCare contractor accused of criminal behavior (2:50)

One bank uber alles (28:03)

Operation Gladio and false flag terror (3:18)

Part One: The Endless “War on Drugs” (14:58)

Part Three: The Endless “War on Drugs” (14:21)

Part Two: The Endless “War of Drugs” (14:51)

Politics, entertainment and organized crime (7:58)

Putin – What’s the deal? (14:36)

Simple proof the government helps the drug trade (4:37)

Staten Island After Sandy (5:27)

Straight talk about the surveillance state (11:48)

Strange Immunity (54:29)

SWAT Team at Navy Yard shooting told to ‘Stand Down’ (6:27)

The awesome power of ridicule (4:04)

The Bank of Crooks and Criminals (7:43)

The Big Boston coincidence (6:11)

The biggest provider of guns to criminals? (6:23)

The Biggest Threat To The American People… …is the American people? (4:59)

The border scam (10:09)

The Clinton Years (14:39)

The Corporate America Diet (10:33)

The Corruption Olympics (17:12)

The Cost of War (4:00)

The Curious Case of George White (42:29)

The John Kerry Show (1:00:10)

The Kill List (3:46)

The last time McCain and Kerry partnered up… (10:00)

The library of Mark Lombardi

The massacre south of the border (24:19)

The missing dictator game (7:13)

The NFL, The Mafia and Fixed Games (00:08:10)

The Nigerian oil holocaust (18:09)

The NSA Lied Us Into Iraq (10:14)

The Phoenix Program and Homeland Security (12:08)

The poisoning of America’s soul (12:29)

The Real Info War (11:25)

The reality of government (16:04)

The Schwartzkopf Crime Family (4:22)

“The Sky Is Pink” (18:34)

The Story of Your Enslavement (13:10)

The Ultimate Surveillance Program (19:03)

The unfriendly skies (9:11)

The US armed Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons (9:56)

The US government’s sockpuppet war (6:45)

The US is no democracy (5:00)

“The world as it is” (10:10)

“Trolls” are often paid by the government (8:48)

Unraveling Sandy Hook (1:32:13)

US Government – World Class Liars (5:57)

“US police as dangerous as criminals” (7:17)

US-Nazi Aeronautics (43:33)

War From Inside The Belly Of The Beast (8:27)

“We’ll find out what’s in it after we pass it” (2:12)

We’re All Indians now (1:35;59)

Weapons in the war against democracy (7:00)

Welcome to America (5:05)

What happens AFTER gun bans? (6:28)

What indefinite detention looks like (13:11)

What Obama Care is really all about (13:55)

What’s Behind the Libya Attack? (15:00)

When the US set the military against veterans (6:53)

When the US went off the tracks for real (1:24:46)

Where trolls come from (5:27)

Where we’re at without the sugar coating (8:47)

Who’s Really Behind the War in Syria? (50:09)

Why Congress is a disaster area (1:42)

Why the birds and bees are dying (5:44)

Why the Justice Department doesn’t catch banksters, terrorists and other enemies of the nation (9:36)

With love from China (4:42)

Wukan villagers protest (3:46)

“Your thoughts are not your own” (47:32)

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