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Yesterday Tamils, today Muslims and tomorrow who?

Daily FT After 2009, and especially since 2015, Sinhalese politicians were on the lookout for another target to launch a new scare campaign, which they found in the Muslim community. Just as the Tamil threat was packaged and sold in terms of political and cultural domination over the Sinhalese, the Muslim threat is now coloured … Continue reading

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How to Exterminate Muslims in India?

Dalit Voice, Editorial, May 16-31. 1999 This editorial written 20 years ago gives a deep and exact insight into what Muslims are experiencing in Sri Lanka nowadays.  -TW Muslims ruled over Spain from 712 AD to 1492 AD for 780 years, yet today there are no Muslims in Spain though every aspect of Spanish life … Continue reading

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Hisbulla’s nonsensical justifications

Sunday Times The ugly use of extremism and terrorism for political gain (Original Title) The recent statement by former Eastern Province Governor M.L.M. Hizbullah that Muslims are a majority in the world and that Sri Lankan Muslims should not fear even if they are a minority is dangerously inflammatory. It also amounts to an encouragement of … Continue reading

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