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Was it all worth it?

Sunday Times Satire My dear Mahinda maama, It was only three weeks ago that I wrote to you last, but I feel I must write to you again, especially as much has happened since then, and because of those events, you are likely to go down in history, in the midst of all your other achievements, … Continue reading

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Who is the villain and who is the venerated?

Full of Sound and Fury (Original Title) Island By Capt Elmo Jayawardena ( The times are changing on a daily basis. Come 26th October the event took the whole country first by shock, then by surprise and then by anger and now after almost a month and a half, we have come into a melancholy … Continue reading

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President’s book-fact, fiction or spin

Sunday Times In these days of gloom and doom in Sri Lanka and Britain where a tiny ray of sunshine is so welcome and the sound of laughter enlivens life, a message I received from Colombo a few days ago was sweet music to the ears. It said that President Sirisena announced he is writing … Continue reading

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