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Tawheed is not a misdeed but dirtied by the extreme

Daily FT The preponderant Muslim populace does not endorse terrorism; this is certainly not the teachings of the Messenger who taught a peaceful way of life to his companions and all mankind to follow – Pic by Shehan Gunasekara A singular and specific victim of the whole macabre incident of the 21 April Easter Sunday bombings by … Continue reading

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Wahhabism, Salafism: The good, the bad and the evil

Daily Mirror A madrasa or religious school in Kattankudy: Many Muslims here follow the traditional Islam recognized by the All Ceylon Jammiyyatul Ulema. AFP As investigations continue into the gruesome terror attack on April 21 Easter Sunday, with the people asking questions as to what drove the terrorists to commit this heinous crime on the … Continue reading

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Islam is their burka: Terror is their faith

Sunday Times’ Punch — If the anti-Muslim vitriol is allowed to flow undammed, it will create a catastrophic flood than we have ever known VITAL TO DISTINGUISH THE TRUE MUSLIM FAITH FROM THE ZANY CREED OF THE TERRORIST The clouds of Easter Sunday’s tragedy, heavy with the blood of the innocents, haven’t still drifted away. … Continue reading

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