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Good, bad and complacency

    71 years of independence As Sri Lanka celebrated her 71st anniversary of independence, there are two competing schools of thought that take stock of the performance of the foregone period. One is blinded by a heavy dose of patriotism, and the other, by an overdose of bitterness and acrimony.   The former selectively crows about … Continue reading

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Who is best to run the race – Gota or Chamal?

My dear Gota and Chamal maama, I thought I should write to you to congratulate you when I heard that both of you have announced that you are ready, able and willing to stand as a candidate for the next big elections, which are due some time later this year. However, most of us found … Continue reading

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For how long will this continue?

By Mass L. Usuf The public is confused. They are helpless. Some are agitated. Others are awfully angry. The question posed is, “for how long is this staged show going to continue?” The sympathisers of President Maithripala Sirisena have turned against him. The supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa are reconsidering their loyalty to him. The supporters … Continue reading

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