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Rajapaksas, yet to see the ‘Light’

Daily News Editorial Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, spearheading the Eliya movement to defeat government efforts at creating a new constitution, in Galle, the other day, stressed that devolution of power to the minority Tamils was not the solution to bring about reconciliation, but it was only through the provision of sufficient facilities and development … Continue reading

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JR was no different to MR

SIRIMAVO’S ENFORCED EXILE Daily News column: Contemporary Politics Sirimavo Bandaranaike and J. R. Jayewardene (Cartoons added by TW) The ‘darkest day of democracy’ October 16, 1980, she faced with bravery and equanimity. On ‘unjust, unfair, and revengeful’ act by her opponent, Sirimavo made a short farewell speech and left her seat amidst cat-calls and indecent … Continue reading

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