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The ‘puppet’ flounders on centre stage

Gnana Moonesinghe ” O tempora! O mores! O what times (are these) what morals…..” The drama unfolds, the plot thickens, critical analysis of the ‘drama’ is rampant everywhere. The comments from the objective commentators refer to the process of ditching a living, breathing PM, constitutionally appointed by the self-same President who has deemed it necessary … Continue reading

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The Bribe Culture of Sri Lanka

Ceylon Today Editorial (Cartoons added by TW from internet) The Bribe Culture of Sri Lanka  What makes us give bribes or solicit bribes from other people? In a psychological sense, extortion is viewed as behaviour motivated by greed, desperation and ambition. The very particular set of thinking and expectations involved in bribery and corruption has … Continue reading

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Dictators: Others’ and Ours

Why Sri Lanka is in a tight spot over a strong leader Daily Mirror Many people reject only the dictatorship of others and not of those they support In a country where oppression of others’ views had been the norm, a wider democratic space is deemed to be an indication of weakness of the establishment … Continue reading

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