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Khashoggi killing: We can’t worship God and money

Daily Mirror The United States and Britain killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and faced no punishment. China has sent one million of its Uyghur population to forced ‘brainwashing’ camps and dismisses with contempt worldwide criticism. Saudi Arabia massacres children and starves millions of famine-stricken people in Yemen and yet stands tall in … Continue reading

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Are Shari’ah Punishments really harsh ?

By Asiff Hussein  We in the modern world often tend to look at the hadd punishments prescribed in the Shari’ah as something really harsh. Beheading for murder, stoning to death for adultery and amputating hands for theft sometimes strike us as punishments that belong to another age and unsuited for the times we live in. However little do … Continue reading

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Of that mega stench

Island Editorial Megapolis and Western Development Minister Champika Ranawaka has torn into some politicians, without naming names, for hampering government efforts to implement the Arawakkalu waste dump project in Puttalam. His desperation is understandable. The government has painted itself into a corner in trying to tackle the garbage issue. It has now been left with … Continue reading

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