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Meal plate and development

Sunday Times Japanese farmers collecting their water melon harvest during a hot summer. Pic by Prof. Jay Rajasekera, International University of Japan. Komagata-san, a Japanese farmer living in a rural village, made a remarkable comment about “development”, while we were his invited guests having lunch at his home. I was with my wife, accompanied by … Continue reading

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50 Days Of Madness by the executive & MR……

……..Courage Of Speaker & Supreme Court & Calmness By The People: A Tribute To A Stoic Nation By Vishwamithra (Colombo Telegraph) “Reputation is for time; character is for eternity.”  ~ J. B. Gough It was indeed a fascinating period of time. The Executive branch of our government ran amok; it did not understand the fundamentals of democracy, leave … Continue reading

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Are We Sri Lankans One People? Where Are Our Leaders?

DEVANESAN NESIAH (Groundviews) Politically, it may appear that we are not one people. We have a long history of ethnicity-based politics within a small island with a measure of ethnic diversity unrivalled in countries of our size. But socially and culturally the reality appears to be different. Our ethnic communities are closer to each other … Continue reading

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