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Rajapaksas, yet to see the ‘Light’

Daily News Editorial Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, spearheading the Eliya movement to defeat government efforts at creating a new constitution, in Galle, the other day, stressed that devolution of power to the minority Tamils was not the solution to bring about reconciliation, but it was only through the provision of sufficient facilities and development … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka’s Present Predicament: Where do we go from here?

Professor Sri Hettige (Daily Mirror) The change of regime on January 8, 2015 raised public expectations regarding good governance and socio-economic development. Yet, after nearly three years, most of these expectations have been dashed. Moreover, the developments in the recent months seem to have created a conducive environment for the rise of undemocratic and oppressive … Continue reading

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“Media Freedom” and Media Hypocrisy

What is “Media Freedom” in the South? (Original Title) Daily Mirror UNESCO has over the decades contributed very much in establishing social acceptance for “the free flow of ideas by word and image” and thus works to foster free, independent and pluralistic media in print, broadcast and online, across the globe. Their work, though accepted as … Continue reading

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