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A dead man walking

Island Editorial The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a dead man walking. It has lost what remained of its credibility by refusing to probe alleged war crimes, in Afghanistan. It has turned down a request by one of its own prosecutors for probing war crimes allegations against the US military. The reason the ICC judges … Continue reading

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Anatomy of two lawsuits: How bad will they be for Gota’s presidential ambitions?

Daily Mirror Perhaps, the most important event that would define Sri Lanka’s presidential race, and possibly also the future of Sri Lankan politics, happened at a parking lot of an American grocery chain, Trader Joe’s in Pasadena, California last week.  Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the presidential hopeful of the joint opposition and onetime strong man defence secretary … Continue reading

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Can Gota jump US hurdle?

Sunday Times’ Punch Anointed by the Rajapaksa family as presidential candidate but served summons to answer charges in American courts  When the Colombo High Court granted Gotabaya special permission to travel to the United States between March 26 and April 12, no doubt he would have been over the moon to be given the chance … Continue reading

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