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After Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS, what’s next ?

  Daily Mirror   After the end of WW II, in October 1945, 50 countries (Poland signed later making it 51) including the US, Britain, France, China (it was actually Taiwan) and Soviet Russia formed the United Nations and declared, “WE THE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED NATIONS are DETERMINED to save succeeding generations from the … Continue reading

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Can Muslims integrate with others without their support?

Daily Mirror Another ingredient the society lacks is honesty, when it comes to ethnic harmony National parties are naturally more concerned about Sinhala votes than minority votes It is exhibitionism, not necessarily extremism or terrorism, despite hindering social integration The initial reaction by Sri Lankan Muslims to the Easter Sunday terrorist suicide attacks on churches … Continue reading

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Voices of dissent against Rishad –

Daily Mirror EDITORIAL The opposition against Minister Rishad Bathiudeen and the support to keep him in power underscore the fact that Sri Lanka is a nation which is confused about what’s right and wrong.  The allegations that Bathiudeen offered political patronage to those involved in the Easter Sunday bombings is yet to be proven. But … Continue reading

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