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Does he not realize what a figure of fun he has become with this flurry of activity he engages in By holding tamashas and travelling abroad he has shown insensitivity and stupidity on a stupendous scale To expect anything from a divided Government is an airy fairy dream We are not expected to show anything … Continue reading

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Can Muslims integrate with others without their support?

Daily Mirror Another ingredient the society lacks is honesty, when it comes to ethnic harmony National parties are naturally more concerned about Sinhala votes than minority votes It is exhibitionism, not necessarily extremism or terrorism, despite hindering social integration The initial reaction by Sri Lankan Muslims to the Easter Sunday terrorist suicide attacks on churches … Continue reading

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Do the Sinhalese drink milk?

by Dr. Sarath Edirisinghe, Retired Consultant Parasitologist (Island) With apologies to Herbert White, writing to the Ceylon Antiquary (Volume V, Part 1) of 1920 questioning whether the Sinhalese drink milk, I have borrowed his caption which I think is timely amidst the raging debate on the Sri Lanka’s imported milk powder. Let me quote his … Continue reading

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