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Unless the global is sensitive to the local …..

Running on borrowed time, all pain no gain (Island Opinion Page) It will be hard to find any other country among modern nations where the politicians treat citizens with condescension. Partly they deserve such treatment for they elect them time after time knowing very well their DNA makeup and then cry foul when they do … Continue reading

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Who guards the guards?

Island Editorial More than two thirds of lawmakers were absent, on Friday, when Parliament met as a constituent assembly and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe presented reports pertaining to the proposed constitutional reforms. Only 28 of the government MPs were present, according to a report in The Island of Jan. 11. The MPs’ absence speaks volumes … Continue reading

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White vans, ‘black media’ and “Christian” Judges

On (badly behaving) politicians and the media (Original Title Sunday Times) White vans and ‘black media’ aside (which I will return to later), Sri Lanka has seen politicians insulting judges in Parliament under cover of parliamentary privilege in the past. Staggering and scurrilous abuse Each time, these attacks have been discomfiting, indicating the extent to … Continue reading

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