Power Cut Outbursts – down to earth

Some peripatetic musings on the power-cut (Original Title)


Image result for praying mantisBy Praying mantis

The absolute fools that we are, most definitely the morons that we are, we believed that the power-cuts are a thing of the distant past and a quirk of the days gone by, when the powers-that-be told us so. They were very definite and quite adamant too. This was not so long ago. In point of fact it was a little while after we found that some of these very same worthies could not even remember some things about rented penthouse apartments and who paid rents as well. As for the latter, they put the blame squarely at the doorsteps of the wife and the daughter. What say you? Women to the front? Absolutely so, and women first; even to the gallows. Long live the movement for women. They will definitely be elated at this turn of events.

It will be good if we too cannot remember a thing about power-cuts. Apparently, during the current crisis, Colombo is far too important to be subjected to power-cuts. Ostensibly though, the real but covert reason is that the populace in Colombo includes a majority of the jokers of Diyawannawa. Of course in the back-drop of this, some powerful people have decided to order the minions to cut and slash the Colombo power-cuts. I suppose it would always be, even as far as the lights go, Colombata light kiri (කොළඹට ලඊට් කිරි) and for the rest of the yakkos in the country; apata light kekiri (අපට ලඊට් කැකිරි). Image result for ravi karunanayake

The power controller(s) 

Are there any power-cuts around Paget Road, Fifth Lane or even the stretch of road from the Parliament Roundabout to the Parliament where the power-controller himself resides on the left side as you go towards the edifice that is supposed to be our seat of honour? Are there any power-cuts that affect penthouse apartments? Nah! how can we even think of subjecting these rather sensitive worthies to the ignominy of having to switch on their generators. Not done, NOT DONE AT ALL.article_image

Even outside Colombo, there are some very lucky and favoured areas. They are the untouchable areas; we mean untouchable by power-cuts. If some yakkos are fortunate enough to live, within striking distance so to speak, of the ‘sacred areas’ surrounding the mansion of an important power-that-be, the yakkos too will find that the all-powerful powers that cut and slash the power-cuts will prevent any sort of power-cuts in such areas. Then of course the yakkos too will benefit from the crumbs that fall off from the table of the all-powerful.

If one does a quick reconnaissance of all the areas in the country that are meant to be subjected to power-cuts, one would find little havens that are very brightly lit up in the middle of the gloom that is produced by these very same power-cuts. These are the surrounding areas around where politicians live. Even the so-called opposition lot are favoured. The governing lot will try to make them eat humble pie in the Parliament but when it comes to giving them the comforts of electric power, the whole lot will gang up together.

The beauty is that the populace of this country is so humble and subservient that they will take this lying down, and completely lying down, for these worthies to steamroll over all of them at that. In any other decent country there would have been a public uproar and an ‘udgoshanya’ (උද්ගෝෂණය), at least till the water cannons and the tear gas brigade arrives. A few decades ago, even the residences of the hallowed judiciary were stoned but we never hear of such a thing being done to brightly lit mansions of the powers-that-be during a so-called island-wide power-cut. The Sri Lankans are definitely a set of fools and nincompoops who richly deserve what they have got and what they will get in the future.

Please Sri Lankans, if you have some pride left and some sort of self-respect, do take a broom to these worthies and chase them down the road when they crawl out of their own rather luxurious holes and come in their ‘kapati suits’ (කපටි සූට්), to beg for your votes this all important ELECTION YEAR. With their well-fed pot bellies it is most likely that they will not be able to run far or run fast enough. Then even the lady aspirants of political office will have to raise their sarees and run pell mell. We do not have to tell you that all of them, males and females alike, will beg for your votes but when they are elected, they will forget all about you. The power-cuts will be back with a vengeance and the pilfering and ravaging of our wonderful Motherland will continue unabated.

Let us teach them a lesson that they will remember forever, let there be only a handful of people at political meetings., and to hell with the buth packet, bottle of arrack and the ‘something’ to grease your palm.

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