Kilinochchi Leopard: Was it rabid?| Chandimal: “I put something into my mouth”?


article_imageIt was shocking to watch on television the brutal killing of the leopard in Kilinochchi. It was not acceptable, at all, to any civilized society whatever the circumstances were.

However, I am extremely concerned about the reason why this leopard has run around, attacking villagers indiscriminately. It could well be that the leopard had rabies at the time. (Although the most common animal to get rabies is the dog in our country, any mammal is susceptible to rabies).

Apart from dogs and cats, it is well documented that foxes, leopards, jackals, monkeys etc., in the wild, too, develop rabies. In such situations, these animals enter the villages and attack other animals and people.

I believe the officials involved, must have already referred the people who were attacked by this leopard to have Anti Rabies Vaccination (ARV) and immunoglobulin. In case of wild animal attacks on humans, one must seek medical advice immediately. Villagers must not handle such attacking animals, thereby risking an unnecessary serious exposure to rabies and other diseases. Rabies, once developed is necessarily fatal. It is a risk simply not worth taking.

Therefore, the villagers who were involved in killing the leopard too could be considered high risk cases. Hence, they also may need vaccination against rabies after careful assessment.

If these villagers have not been vaccinated, steps should be taken immediately to give necessary protection (Anti Rabies Vaccination and Immunoglobulin).

Department of Community Medicine 
Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya 

‘I don’t know; I can’t remember” – A national malady!


At a Presidential Commission of Inquiry a senior politician was unable to satisfactorily explain how he and his family came to occupy a luxury apartment when his residence was being renovated. To many questions by the state attorneys his answers were, “Ï don’t know” or “I can’t remember”.

A few MPs stunned the nation admitting having taken millions of rupees from the master fraudster who has played out the country for billions. Their excuse, “We received these cheques. We can’t remember who gave them. The money was used for the election campaign.”

But when the campaign donations came the election had ended. Perhaps the CID will tell us, whether these donations have been banked, invested in business ventures, or busted in hotels, casinos and massage clinics!

With all this ill-gotten filthy lucre they are bound to vie for ‘post turtle ‘positions once again. These rogues and their leaders can never change. The people have been fooled enough. Let them come. The people have no time to experiment with born again politicians (See letters of Deshapriya Rajapakse and Laksiri Warnakula in The Island of 20th June.)

Unlike politicians who have deservedly earned the condemnation of the nation as abominable rotters, our cricketers have been a much loved breed. Thankfully, many a time they have been able to lift the spirits of this perpetually despairing nation. Politicians and others in positions of power have a lot to learn indeed from Rajeewa Jayaweera’s tribute to cricketing greats Sanga, Murali, Aravinda, Mahanama and Mahela in The Island of 21st June.

But going by the events that overtook the game of cricket itself at the St. Lucia Test Match in the West Indies, one wonders whether our cricketers are beginning to go the way of our politicians. Did not our captain Chandimal sound like an MP when at the ball tampering inquiry he famously admitted very much like a Jayasekera or Senasinghe, “I put something into my mouth”? But I cannot remember what it was”!

Inasmuch as the MPs who received cheques from Perpetual Treasuries do not deserve seats in the August House as Honourable members, Chandimal has forfeited the honour of captaining Sri Lanka.

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