Holes in my Parachute

This and That – Part 17

By Elmo jayawardana

In North America there is a popular book, “What colour is your parachute?”. It deals mainly with career planning and selecting your path of ascension in the corporate ladder. Very beautifully written. Quite a must for anyone having ambition, the inclination to succeed.

The book tells you how to evaluate your potential. How to make yourself visible when you launch out to the corporate world. It guides you in the ways of colouring your parachute, so that when you float out, the hues of your parachute would be clearly seen and will launch you in the best selected path for higher echelons.

A beautiful book. A beautiful concept.

Good….. if you have the water colours, maybe oils, perhaps crayons, and a nice silk parachute.

Our young days were different. Plans, yes we had plans, great plans to find out where the next meal came from.

Colours – well!!!! Our world was totally colour blind.

As for the parachute, we had no fancy silk. Perhaps raw cotton, or maybe gunny sack material. Torn and tattered, and there were holes. As big as continents. No fancy silks with rainbow colours to float and be found.

Yes, there were big holes in my parachute.

We jumped out of our childhood and fell like crazy, swinging our arms around hoping like hell to cling on to something to give us some kind of a hold in life. We couldn’t float to be found, we just dived and hoped. Some made it to somewhere, most struggled and survived. And some didn’t get anywhere at all. Well, that is life. The ones who made it did have enough salad and sambol days in their arsenal to remember where they came from and such memories, when recalled, made it possible for them to walk tall for the rest of their lives.

Maybe we didn’t climb to the top rungs of the world, having started with tattered parachutes and many a battered hope. But where we managed with what little we had, our makeshift colourless floating devices were good enough for us to see our ‘hoped for’ horizons, and sometimes, a little beyond.

Life certainly is not only a matter of silk parachutes and rainbow colours. Nor is it all about reaching the top rung in the ladder.

It is more an attitude, and much more an appreciation. As simple as that.