Gulf love towards Qatar

Gulf Times, Qatar Editorial

The decisions to sever ties and shut borders with Qatar failed to hide the strong support and sympathy with Qatar from GCC peoples in particular as well as outside the region after it became clear that Qatar is the victim of a misguided conspiracy and cunning and unjust schemes, Arabic daily Arrayah said.

After the overt targeting and unjust siege and closure of airspace and trying to shake the confidence of the Qatari people in themselves and in their wise leadership, the bankrupts resorted to a another kind of weapon in the hope that it may pay off and isolate Qatar from its surroundings and stop the popular Gulf love towards Qatar, when the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain issued decisions to punish anyone who sympathises with Qatar and the people of Qatar.

The UAE decided to punish with a jail sentence of 3-15 years and fine of no less than AED500,000 anyone who shows support for Qatar even through social media.

Image result for qatar-saudi diplomatic conflict cartoonsA gathering of Lunatics and Psychopaths (Picture from internet and caption by TW)

It added that the decisions to cut ties resulted in a mass punishment of the Gulf people in work, health, education, private property, movement, family reunification and forced deportation.

Arrayah pointed to social, cultural and economic violations due to the unpopular decisions to cut ties, whose family reunification aspect has regrettably led to psychological effects on children and women, denouncing the immoral extent of hatred and hate speech against the Qatari people during the holy month of Ramadan. (Saudi government who should behave and set examples as a true and model Islamic state in the world has proved that these sins could be committed in the holy month of Ramadhan listening to the lunatic trump) 

It said the decisions will neither succeed in stripping Qatar of its sovereignty nor stopping the popular Gulf and Arab support, love and friendliness to Qatar and its leadership, noting that these irresponsible actions that disturbed Ramadan’s atmosphere of faith, cut off families and separated between husbands and wives and children reflect an illness that requires regular follow-up in the hope that it may restore part of the memory of human awareness that is abstracted from purposes and diseases.

It stressed the failure of the scheme, noting that the targeting attempts show for the whole world the extent of absolute trust and support the Qatari people have for their leadership, their deep love for their fearless leader HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, and their blessing of each step that he takes to protect the interests of the homeland and foil attempts by those who want to undermine its security and stability, noting that neither pressure, beats on the drums of war, siege nor media hype will force Qatar to collapse or cause its sovereignty to erode.

Arrayah reaffirmed that Qatar will always rely on its people and its wise leadership and loyal people will remain around to back the Gulf march and support the nation at such a time of differences and disputes that resulted from attempts to destroy the nation’s unitary entity, social fabric and authentic human feelings, which is more painful and pitiful.

The daily expressed appreciation to all the sides that stood by Qatar against the unjust hysterical decisions against it and everyone who said no to raising tension the region or igniting the flames of strife and differences in the Gulf during the month of compassion, solidarity and kinship reunification after the several crises that shook and exhausted the region.