Sri Lankans experience disaster because the heroes are being called thieves!!!

Meteorologists’ forecasts ignored

By Bandara (Ceylon Today)

“A man’s value becomes apparent based on the decisions he makes during a crisis”
– Andrew Carnegie

While the entire country was tangled in a crisis, it was possible to see persons with overflowing humanity. At the same time the disease of delaying making decisions and judgments was also apparent in some places.

Not only during the disaster of the floods but during all events due to the severely punishing decisions of nature (except for the Salawa explosion) it was the tri-forces which protected the government and saved face for them. It was the same, this time too.

“When people are faced with disaster you can measure their extent” – Ho Chi Minh

During all of these disasters it was possible to see the extent of loving people whose hearts melt. Similarly it was possible to see within this country, while people in the country were victims of an extremely horrendous disaster, how some dastardly politicians, being greedy for political power, to fulfil their political requirements, to establish their power even through the disaster of floods, fought and struggled and carried out political atrocities amidst the floods, in a disgusting manner.

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The flood and landslide disasters did not affect only members of the UNP. Neither, were they only SLFP members, nor JVPers nor Communist or Sama Samaja party members. Also it did not affect only Tamil and Muslim people who were loyal to other political parties.

It was the people living in Sri Lanka who were affected. Here, there were no party, race or nationality differences. However, the blatantly unprincipled politicians who engaged in shameless politics in the flood waters, among the hills which had experienced landslides leading to the collapse of houses should feel utterly ashamed of themselves. Certain narrow-minded power-hungry politicians made extremely naive, wretched statements. One robed person renowned to be learned had said that this massive disaster took place because the heroes of this country are being called thieves. How low a mentality can it be?

In the month of May in the year 2016, the people of our country faced disaster due to heavy rains. Meteorologists with international knowledge had pointed out and predicted that during the monsoon rains in 2016 as well as in 2017, accidents and disasters as well as earth slips could take place. This warning had been issued several months ago.

Dr. Roxy Mathew Koll

It was reported in the media that, Dr. Roxy Mathew Koll, Meteorologist of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology had made this forecast in the ‘Roar’ website of 13 February 2017.

Dr. Koll had stated that due to the increase in global warming causing an increase in the temperature of the Indian Ocean, there could be enormous change in the pattern of monsoonal rains in tropical countries. Based on these circumstances, the media reported that Dr. Koll had said, Sri Lanka will have to face a lengthy drought and short-term heavy rains which would cause immense disasters.

It is quite clear that responsible officials of the Ministry of Disaster Management in Sri Lanka and Ministers had not taken into consideration or taken much notice of the predictions and forecasts of such international level scientists.

The Minister who did not consider the predictions which Meteorologists had made that the disasters that occurred in 2016 will be repeated during the same period of time in 2017, was in Mexico when the disaster hit. The Minister had gone to attend the international conference, Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, 2017.

There were media reports that the Minister had stated at this conference that the Sri Lankan Ministry of Disaster Management was pre-prepared to face any type of emergency disaster that takes place in Sri Lanka.

However, it did not take long, after the Minister’s speech for the world to get to know that the pre-preparedness of the Ministry was nothing but false.

There is a Chinese saying, “If the future is not considered the present will be sorrowful”. What happens in the country and will happen is the reality of this saying.

Martin Luther King had stated, “Racism is being blood-thirsty”. The meaning of this statement was confirmed by the ‘Naanasaaras’ of the ‘Abasaranang’ Sect, and certain activities of their attempts at making this country a pool of blood were swept away in the currents of the floods. Even then those sinful activities could once again raise their heads. The projects will be prepared by these persons who stormed into the Homagama Courts in order to bring to the fore their sinful intentions, while giving the face of political extremism as well as a racist face to the floods and the landslides, and behaving in an improper manner which landed them in remand but were subsequently released on bail.

Citizens of Sri Lanka

Nature does not discriminate between races. There are no religious differences either. It was the citizens of Sri Lanka who suffered due to flood waters, landslides and drought.

As a responsible government it should ensure that these members of the group led by ‘Asaaranaana’ which is trying to put a face of racism on the disasters that the people have had to suffer, which nature doles out sans any discrimination of race, caste, religion and so on, do not spread out across the country. It is curious why the government is maintaining a deafening silence without listening to the challenging statements which could set the entire country aflame in a few minutes.

It is no secret that the government and the government Ministry of Disaster Management have failed to supply the relief people expected when they were rendered destitute through droughts, floods, disasters, falling trees, landslides at garbage dumps, explosions and so on.

Setting aside the welfare of the people, at least these people should consider their future political protection and think about safeguarding it and bring about a change in this sluggish, pattern of administration. If not what will happen is that room will be created in the minds of the people for the dishonest wishes of the power-hungry, the extremists and racists. It would be very damaging to the Maithri-Ranil government.

“The government should be fearless. At the same time thoughtful. That is everybody’s opinion. However it never happens”. Not confirming this statement made by John Gardner can ensure victory for the Maithri – Ranil government. If not, what will happen is extremists, power-hungry individuals and racists will become stronger.

The government should succeed in realizing that it is extremely damaging to them, to their political future, to the country and the citizens of the country and act accordingly. If not it will turn out to be unsuccessful and will fail