Why can’t it be taken as ISIS is financed by none other than US and Israel?

Has Qatar got its just deserts?

It is no secret US support and sustain the terrorist state of Israel.  The latest supporter of that terror state Israel is none other than Saudi Arabia to protect its corrupt monarch.  This is where Qatar differs by supporting Hamas that fight Israeli atrocities against Palestinians -TW

London terror strikes seem to have jolted some countries in the Arab world into action against terrorism at long last. In what may be described as a well coordinated, stunning diplomatic offensive, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE have severed their links with Qatar ‘for destabilising the region by backing groups such as Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and Daesh’. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has gone to the extent of accusing Qatar of embracing multiple terrorist and sectarian groups bent on disturbing stability in the region. Such allegations against Qatar are not of recent origin and the sudden action against it smacks of a plan to isolate Iran, internationally. For, Qatar is accused of supporting the Iranian agenda.Image result for Qatar Vs Saudi cartoons

Qatar is not the only country which stands accused of promoting terrorism. It is a supreme irony that Saudi Arabia has joined others in condemning it for backing terrorist groups! The US has bracketed Qatar and Saudi Arabia as countries sponsoring terrorism! One of Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails, dated August 17, 2014, stresses the need for the US to use its diplomatic assets to pressure the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, providing ‘clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIS and other radical groups in the region’. Has the US exonerated Saudi Arabia and found only Qatar guilty as charged?

Middle East watchers have pointed out that the ISIS’s religious ‘genealogy’ is derived from Wahhabism, vigorously promoted by Saudi Arabia, and the terrorists claiming to adhere to that brand of Islam enjoy support in that oil rich country. But, the Saudi Arabian government has vehemently denied this allegation; it says Saudi jails are full of ISIS members.

Making an oblique reference to the state-owned Qatari television channel, Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia has accused Qatar of spreading violent ideologies in the region. The antipathy of the US and its allies towards that television channel is only too well known. It may be recalled that in November, 2005, The Daily Mirror (UK), quoting a leaked Downing Street memo, which contained a transcript of a conversation between Bush and Blair, reported that the latter had managed to talk the former out of carrying out a military strike on Al Jazeera. The US later sought to make light of what had been attributed to Bush.

It is being claimed in some quarters that the ISIS is self-financing and, therefore, not dependent on any state for survival. But, the fact remains that it cannot sustain its military campaign without the backing of some powerful nations in the region. Those countries may be wary of incurring the wrath of the US, the UK and other western nations at the receiving end of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorism, by openly supporting those outfits, but there’s more than one way to shoe a horse.

Critics of Qatar may say it has got its just deserts. If so, other countries with similar allegations against them must also be dealt with in a similar manner. The US has created terrorism in several countries including Afghanistan and Nicaragua to further its geo-political interests. The Taliban and Al Qaeda which came into being owing to US interventions now pose a threat to the entire world. In 1996, American investigative journalist, Gary Webb, of The San Jose Mercy News, shed light on the cocaine trade in California, conducted by the US-backed Contras, engaged in a terrorist war against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. India once created, trained, armed and financed terrorist outfits as part of its Sri Lanka policy. Most of the western countries harbour terrorists and their fronts and are, therefore, responsible for savage acts of terror elsewhere. True, the nations sponsoring terrorism to destabilise others have been hoist with their own petard. But, is that punishment enough? Shouldn’t they, too, be given the Qatar treatment for having made this world a dangerous place?

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