Hilmy Ahamed’s Clarifications about TW’s Comments on his recent article “All the President’s (racist) men!”

TW received the following clarifications/ answers from Brother Hilmy Ahamed for its questions and doubts regarding what he (Hilmy) called “Show of solidarity”.   TW’s policy is not to make it as a forum. Yet, it has chosen to publish his comments with reservations which TW cannot elaborate due to obvious reasons,  primarily because TW does not want it to become a cheap forum. 

TW however takes his concluding line “Hope this clarifies and puts your mind to rest” as something that dictates you should not question Muslim Council’s decisions.

ThinkWorth stands by its view about the venue and dropping out people who are unbiased and honest, leave alone the rest. The owner of the blog (TW) too does not belong to any faction, sect or whatever except Islam  as practised by our Prophet (PBUH) and his companions but does abhor Kunangudi mustan sahib, Kattankudy rauff, Maruthamunai paylwan, thalayan bawa and other dharga  types and their un-Islamic preachings centred around vagueness, cheat, “Gnanam”, Materialism, and superstitions.  

No more comments/ clarifications will be entertained by TW on this subject.  TW however will carry Brother Hilmiy’s articles in the newspapers provided he permits. 


This blogger has the following questions about the  “Devatagaha Solidarity Show”:
I respond with the sincere hope that this would be published by Brother Ameerally in thinkworth. I hope that the blogger appreciates the value of this “COUP” and is not questioning due to some personal agenda.

All the President’s (racist) men!

  • Did the diplomats voluntarily select Devatagaha “mosque” to come there to express their solidarity or were they taken deliberately to that mosque? Why this “mosque”  which is popular only with not even .001% of Muslims. Why another mosque or a common venue could  not be selected?  This “mosque” is patronized only by superstitious people of all religions not necessarily by Muslims.  

​The diplomats didn’t ​choose the venue, but expressed an interest in visiting a mosque that has been damaged due to the current extremist assaults on the Muslims. They had limited time, and I as the sole decision maker for their visit wanted maximum of their time to discuss the current crisis.  And I alone chose the mosque, and no one else had any influence on it. I must admit, I was warned by a few friends afterwards that I was taking them to a place where many do not pray. I was shocked to hear that and never knew how divided we were as a community. I assure you that I have no ulterior motives in selecting this mosque as I do not subscribe to any ideology, but Islam. It is indeed regrettable that even when we have a world first (coup) where prominent diplomats came out of protocol and showed solidarity with the Sri Lankan Muslims in public.  Let me tell you, it has at least  NEVER happened in Sri Lanka before.
  • Who organised this “diplomatic coup?”  Is it the Muslim Council run by the author Hilmie Ahmed? (This blogger always appreciates Hilmy’s forthright articles but …….)

​Yes, it was organized by the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, author is Vice President but do not run MCSL.
​A ​
number of other civil society organizations helped. ​
  • Whoever organised this “coup” could’t you convince the Muslim countries like Indonesia (the largest of Muslim nations), Pakistan, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia to participate in the “Show of Solidarity?


​he invitation to the foreign heads of missions were extended by EU and the organizers had no say in whom the EU  invited.
  • What happened to the other Muslim MPs, except Seyed Ali Moulana of Eravur? Is it because ali moulana is a follower of devatagaha saint and the patronizer of the “mosque”?

No members of parliament were invited and Ali Zahir Moulana had come for Asar prayers and \ walked up for the meeting. No one invited or knew he would turn up. ​ Am glad he showed up, because the diplomats felt a government parliamentarian supported our cause. 
  • Whoever organised this “Solidarity Show”, why could’t  you bring to this “solidarity show” representatives from other Muslim organizations like National Soora Council headed by respected Tariq Mahmood, NFGG and other Muslim Intellectuals like Javid Yoosuff. 
National Shoora council was invited and two representatives participated. ACJU was invited and two participated. Najah from NFGG was invited, but he took over from me at the methodist church when I had to rush for this meeting. Hence he could not make it. YMMA, Muslim Media Forum, MINARET, ACMYLF, PAFERELL too participated.​
​We didn’t invite any individuals.
  • Whoever organised this “show” do you believe the sincerity of America?
​We are not interested in ​
​whether America is sincere or not. All we were interested in was to send a message to the government that the International Community is beginning to show interest in the Muslim community. ​ I apologize if you see that as a betrayal of the Muslim community, but I strongly feel that it seems to be our only option.  (For your information, this meeting and show of solidarity has certainly woken up the government)
We sincerely hope that we could have many more coups like this so that we will be taken seriously.
Hope this clarifies and puts your mind to rest.