Racist Terrorism unleashed in Sri Lanka

The true human does not have a race

By Bandara (Ceylon Today)

“Some people believe that this government can be changed tomorrow, or day after. Certain people thought, with the count of heads seen at Galle Face, it will be possible to form a new government the following day. If one can bring a number of heads to a stadium and by simply seeing the number of heads, one thinks that a new government can be established, it is a big joke. As yet no answer has been given to the question why when there were two years remaining of the tenure, they held an election.”

“An election was held because they could not go on, because they were unable to face the economic crisis, foreign debt, and the proposals of the United Nations regarding human rights. It was because of these problems that they decided to hold an election.

We put an end to those main problems. I closed the page regarding the talk about the electric chair, and the international war tribunals.

Now, recently, there was a talk about putting up black flags. They said the Indian Prime Minister was visiting Sri Lanka to take away a part of the country. They said he was coming to sign agreements with Sri Lanka. I stated very clearly that the Indian Prime Minister was coming on an invitation issued by me and would participate only in programmes related to Vesak. I said there would definitely be no official talks or dialogues. No agreements would be signed and there would be no documents exchanged.

Those who wanted black flags put up during the Indian Prime Minister’s visit, went at 11 in the night and met the Prime Minister.

Prior to the meeting, the Indian High Commissioner told me that there was a request to meet the Indian Prime Minister by the ‘black flags group,’ and asked me what I had to say. I said most definitely allow the meeting to take place. It was at 11 in the night they had gone to meet the Indian PM.”

The above was an extract from a speech given by President Maithripala Sirisena at a function held at Vilayaya Maha Vidyalaya in Aralaganvila to hand over Mahaweli lands to the people.

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According to that speech, what the leader of the kalukodiwanshas had done was a dirty thing. He opposed India at Galle Face and then went and met the Indian Prime Minister behind the backs of the people. He commended the Indian Prime Minister at 11 at night on Indian Investors coming to Sri Lanka in a similar manner to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They complained in the presence of the Indian High Commissioner and beseeched him and then going to meet Indian Prime Minister Modi is a hit on the ear drum of the kalukodiwansha theoretician. If not, it amounted to a massive betrayal. Also it is similar to the disgusting thing of making the kabaragoya a thalagoya when one wants to eat.

Indian media

According to reports in Indian media, the India-Sri Lanka Cooperation Agreement was a proposal brought during the regime of Mahinda Rajapaksa. The agreement on the oil tanks was also a proposal by the then Mahinda Government.

At the 11 p.m. meeting, the Indian Prime Minister had reminded Mahinda Rajapaksa of this. Media had reported that on this occasion, Mahinda had kept on saying, “you appear to be tired” but the Indian PM had responded by saying that “by seeing you my fatigue went away.” However Modi had mentioned it in the singular ‘by seeing you’ only. It is as if the Indian PM had not taken any notice of the other two who had accompanied Rajapaksa. If so, the Indian Prime Minister should have said ‘by seeing you all.’ On the other hand Modi had said that his fatigue went away when he saw Mahinda only. It is not impossible that Modi would have thought, while recalling the incident of putting up black flags that ‘my anger increased’ when I saw you. In which country do uncivilized and garrulous politicians exist who want to put up black flags, when the powerful figure of Asia visits the country…?

Former President of America Ronald Reagan had said, “A nation is destroyed through racists.” Martin Luther King has said that racism is being blood-thirsty. Heroes, who have been deflated in the presence of the people, yell and scream to somehow, in any dastardly way regain power.

This foolish gang of racists recently brought about a huge disaster to the country. They spread lies across the entire country in connection with Public Health Inspectors, who went from house to house at night carrying out their duties of checking the blood of people for the Filaria epidemic. They caused chaos among the Public Health Inspectors’ work. These rascals of racists spread it across the island that Muslims were going from house to house in order to obtain blood to spread AIDS. The result of this rumour putting people under pressure was that the treatment for Filaria which was being carried out came to a standstill and was sabotaged. These people do not care if an epidemic spreads across the country for achieving their objective of gaining power.

The murderous criminals of doctors who make fatal sacrifices where the people of our country are concerned are once again planning on launching a strike, while making the innocent patients in our country shields. This, too, is becoming a puppet on behalf of those against the people and the defeatists who are power hungry. Leaders of the ‘Nurse Sect’ also encourage this sin, in fact wishing them well.

What is the surprise of a group of fifty dragging the country into destruction on behalf of a power-hungry loser?

These sinners do not like the race and the nation becoming prosperous or reaping benefits.

When discussions were being held to regain the GSP Plus tax relief, these sinners turned the country upside down. Depicting how uncivilized they were, they spread the rumour that the government was preparing to obtain the GSP plus relief by promising to establish homosexuality and lesbianism and same sex marriages in this country and corrupted the minds of the people.

“Sirisena and Wickremesinghe have brought Acts to enter into the book of law, homosexuality. They are trying to regain GSP through this. By getting back the GSP relief without anything, these blatant bisexuals who spread terrible rumours were denuded.

The conscientious, intelligent people of our country should see this nakedness. They should also see the political nakedness within these falsehoods.

Economic and technical cooperation

When the European Union was granting the GSP relief, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe went to China. He obtained a donation of 400 million yuan in order to promote economic and technical cooperation between China and Sri Lanka.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe by Vice Minister of Trade of China Fu Ziying and Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade of Sri Lanka Malik Samarawickrama.

While the country is receiving such economic advantages the Joint power-hungry group is creating more terror, fear, extremist protests and strikes. Their political weapon is being antagonistically prejudicial. Their intent is to put the country and its people under pressure every second and inconvenience the government. The ‘Gnanasaras’ who were in a corner silent for a while have arisen again with the wicked intention of creating another Black July or Black Beruwala. They will, without doubt try to incite the people whom they are trying to deceive, in the future with fear about India, Muslims, Catholicism and Tamils.

The people should use their brains and realize who is bringing forward these disgraceful racist agendas, encouraging and guiding them by spending enough and more money. The Doctors’ Association which has no shame, the nurse leader clansmen and together with some henchmen have already made threats. The theme of these so-called debased strikers is the problem of SAITM at Malabe for which the government has suggested several solutions. What can be expected from a selfish group who put the lives of the people at risk in order to obtain duty free vehicles, popular schools for their children, is to become a power-hungry political pawn bathed in sewage.

Vaughn Kepler has said, “Proper Terrorism is racism.”

Those, greedy for power, who eat the soil of the earth, to somehow regain power, are attempting to spread racist terrorism in the country.

People should be careful and alert not to fall into this trap. The true human does not have a race.