President Maithri must use the sword

By Bandara (Ceylon Today)

May signed the official document connected to Britain leaving the European Union, on 29 March. That official document is due to be sent to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

This is a decision that Britain made together as a country. Even though various opinions have arisen regarding this decision within Britain, the British Government held a referendum. The opinion of the people was that Britain should leave the European Union.

The referendum was held last year in June. That is how a government should make decisions, by taking into consideration the country. Britain did not prevaricate or procrastinate.

Recently President Maithri engaged in an official tour of Russia. It was an extremely successful diplomatic tour. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who is an astute, wise and powerful State leader, welcomed President Maithri warmly with State honours.

President Putin presented a very special gift to our President Maithri. The gift was a precious sword with gold decorations of historic value in our country. The gifting of this sword by President Putin to President Maithri was the subject of political critics with various ideas.

Cartoon added by TW

Two years have passed since the government under the leadership of President Maithri was appointed. During these two years President Maithri did not use any type of sword. What was to be seen was that he was using a shield, without a sword, only.

As if Putin knew this fact he presented a sword. Now, the time has arrived for the sword to be used together with the shield. The late Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhita Thera, with his foresight, was aware of the intention and meaning of what they were going to do, with the ‘pot rally’ being launched in Nugegoda by the Maha Samayama which would result in causing the country to get entangled in a messy network and creating chaos in the government programmes because of being greedy for power.

The monk advised President Maithri not to allow this which could be broken off with a nail to be brought to a situation where an axe would have to be used.

However, at that time it was a relaxed policy that President Maithri, as the leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the Alliance, followed. Today it has spread across the nation similar to gangrene and has now become an abscess.

Power-hungry individuals

The power-hungry individuals accuse the government that war heroes are being taken into custody which stirs up the country causing agitation. Police and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) investigations have discovered that the culture of murders, abductions, assaults which ruled the era of administration then had used Sri Lanka Army soldiers for these activities. If anyone of the Army is connected to these murders or abductions, they should definitely be taken into custody. According to the law of the country, they should be produced before Court. This is not in any way a hunt for war heroes. Even then, the Joint Opposition, which consists of fraudsters whose power has been diminished, voice the accusation of the hunt of war heroes. President Maithri recently provided them with a reply to that. However, it was not successfully used in State media.

“If it transpires someone is connected to certain murders, killings and assaults related to individuals, from various fields, such as journalists, sportsmen who were not LTTE terrorists or those who had not become a threat to the national security of the country, during investigations being carried out, there is no possibility of protecting them even if they are ordinary citizens of the country, State officials, officials of the private sector, persons serving in the tri-forces or from the Police service. As protecting war heroes who engaged in battle is our responsibility and duty, requests are being made at high levels.”

This statement made after receiving the sword, is far better than the forceful, controversial speech made by President Maithri some time ago. It is far more meaningful.

Just because a soldier fought in the war, if such a soldier contributes to lawlessness, protecting him is not a task of the government. It is the responsibility of the Police and the Judiciary. President Maithri stating this is extremely morally acceptable and justified.

Here there is a responsibility of the government involved. That is that legal action to be taken against such murderers and those accused of lawlessness should be expedited. Such individuals should be selected accurately, similar to a swan separating milk from water, and the Army should be made clean. Those who have fingers pointed at them for lawlessness should be produced before Court and the Army cleansed and their honour protected. It is only then that the honour of the Army will be protected according to the true meaning of the word.

The Gazette notification signed by President Maithri while in Russia, making the forests located north of the Wilpattu Sanctuary Forest Reserves, should not be revoked in any manner. Marichchakatti, Mavillu, Karadikkuli, Periyamurippu, Veppal and Vilanthkulam villages belonging to the Musali Divisional Secretary’s Division in Mannar were named as conserved forests.

Now there is opposition lining up against this decision. It is said that a continuous Satyagraha has also commenced. The political conspiracies behind these have to be understood.

However, if President Maithri took up the sword, he should put it back in its sheath. Decisions thought of on behalf of the country should be permanent.

In the face of political requirements, as a government in an era where dramas of fasting were acted, if a certain decision is made for the advancement of the people, the time has come to implement such decision without any fear.

A farmer’s son from Polonnaruwa

President Maithri has a special place among State leaders, who were elected subsequent to our country gaining independence, and who has a good vision regarding farmers and identifies well with the aroma of sweat and toil of farmers.

He is a farmer’s son from Polonnaruwa. However, there is no way to avoid saying that during the past era, the fate that befell the paddy farmers, vegetable and milk farmers is lamentable. We saw the situation with our very eyes.

Water management was not carried out properly. Putting the blame regarding everything on the drought is not acceptable. The fertilizer subsidy was done away with. All help of the government due to a farmer came under the knife.

Vegetable farmers in Dambulla as well as Nuwara Eliya and Bandarawela are swallowing their tears and sighing. Their crops, cultivated with much sweat and effort, are rotting in the farms themselves. They had to be thrown away as garbage without earning a cent.

Most of these have resulted because of lawlessness of officials. Bringing tears to the eyes of the farmer who supplies rice to the country and creating difficulties for the administration is a huge conspiracy. Today, in every government office and within every system, ghosts of power-hungry, deceitful political power-fleets are quietly engaged in this reprehensible activity. Their objective is to, somehow, and in whatever manner possible, bring about disapproval where the government is concerned.

A period of two years to identify these traitorous State officials who are destroying the entire country is far more than what was required. Subversive activities are taking place everywhere, not simply based on the opposition of the people only. A huge political power-hungry hand is in operation behind these.

Making plans and implementing them for vegetable farmers in Dambulla have to be forgotten and the procedure to construct cold rooms should immediately be pulled out of the ‘shelved rag boxes.’ Even land allocation for these has been completed by now.

Finding a foreign market for these vegetables that are going waste is not an impossible task.

Today even our karawila (bitter gourd) seed has managed to acquire large scale value across the world. We are still procrastinating. Every second that passes in this snail’s speed journey, the government will get entangled in the traps of power-hungry individuals whose only objective is to inconvenience the government, and President Maithri should definitely use the sword to cut the traps set by them to entangle the clan of officials.

A new Constitution is definitely required for the future democratic existence of the nation. The government should not fear regressive or opportunistic individuals and act according to a proper system. The power-hungry individuals who inconvenience the general public on all possible occasions even blocking roadways because of a teacher transfer should be suppressed and defeated.

Recently, so-called patriots who call themselves Joint Opposition heroes yelled slogans at Seenigama and these slogans displayed their extreme cruelty in what they said and their objectives were apparent in the few sentences they used in their slogans in an unbefitting manner. They mentioned exploding of bombs and using firearms on the chest or getting crushed under a vehicle. If it was possible to escape accusations of misuse of public property by exploding bombs, it would not have mattered so much I guess!

President Maithri should definitely use the sword against those who are trying to destroy the country and create mental stress, brutality, maliciousness and uncivil acts.

If someone is against fulfilling the pledge given to the people, the sword should be unsheathed and the system of using the shield should be given up completely.

“The sword can be taken up. If no suitable sword is available one can be made,” said Mao Tse-tung

The wealth of a country is the country’s people. As Mao Tse-tung said, to protect the people, to calm the people the sword has to be taken to hand, most definitely.