Ninety Three Years After Abolishing Caliphate

Britain armed and financed Najd Tribal leader Ibn Saud

To attack and capture Makkah and Madinah

On condition that he never allows Caliphate again

by Latheef Farook (Courtesy Author)

The British colonial power armed and financed Ibn Saud to attack and capture Makkah and Madinah to prevent the establishment of Caliphate.

The British colonial power signed a Treaty of Friendshipin 1916 with Abdul Aziz Ibn Al Saud, who had established his control over Saudi Arabia’s Nejd region with the capture of Riyadh early last century.

That was the time when the British and the Zionist Jewswere jointly plotting to destroy the Ottoman Empire, abolish caliphate andweaken Islam and Muslim world. The Ottoman Empire, which ruled most of the Middle East, was on decline.

During World War I, the Ottomans lost control over Makkah and Jeddah before finally losing Madinah in 1919.

Shareef Hussein, great-great-grandfather of King Abdullah of Jordan, who was appointed Shareef of Makkah by the Ottoman rulers, declared himself the Caliph of Makkah on 7 March 1924, four days after the abolition of the caliphate on 3 March 1924.He also declared that Caliphate should be managed by representatives of Muslims from all over the world.

This alarmed the British and the Zionists, who were all out to do away with the caliphate.They paid five million sterling pounds and supplied weapons to Abdel Aziz ibn Al Saud andgothim to attack virtually unarmed Shareef Hussein.SLICE PALESTINE

Abdel Aziz attackedand defeated Shareef Hussein and abolished Caliphate as part of an agreement with the British and Zionist Jews. Heassured themthathe would not allow the establishment of Caliphate under any circumstance.

Thus the caliphate system, which has been the rallying point for Muslims all over the world, was wiped out once for all on 3 March 1924. British and Jewish control over the region was further strengthened with their stooge Abdel Aziz in the helm.

This sealed the fate of Middle East. This situation continues today.

While Saudi-British relations flourished the Al Saudi family’s relations with the United States began as early as 1930 when Ibn Saudi selected a US oil company to explore oil in his country.

It was the time when the US was plotting to set up a state for Jews in Palestine. President Roosevelt offered a bribe of US$50 million to Ibn Saud in 1943 and asked him to get other Arab leaders to support the plan to create a Jewish state.Roosevelt met Ibn Saud at the end of World War II aboard the cruiser USS Quincy in the Suez Canal on February 14 1945, and sought his support for the creation of the Jewish state.KHILAFA 2KHILAFA 2

Later President Harry S. Truman pressurisedIbn Saud toback the creation of Israel in Palestine on a clear assurance that US would protect his rule. Truman and King Ibn Saud signed a pact in 1947, committing the US to protect the Saudi monarchy. This was the beginning of the history of the Saudi regime’s dependency on the US for its survival losing its own freedom.

Since then the Saudiregime, depending on US for its survival, had done tremendous damage to Islam and Muslims by promotingits Wahhabi version of Islam under which more than 300 places and buildings of great historic importance were destroyed. Saudi tribal family rule, a system which is in complete violation of Islam, had also divided Muslims worldwide by promoting Wahhabism .They distorted Islam in the eyes of the world by their head chopping, stone to death and other human rights violations in complete violation of Islam.

Saudi has been financing US-European-Israeli wars on Middle East countries and assistedthe destruction of Muslim countries and the killings of millions of Muslims. As part of this campaign Saudis invaded Yemen and so far killed more than 14,000 innocent Muslims.

Though not announced Saudis maintains close relations with Israel .According to reports Saudis handed over the security during Hajj to Israeli security services drawing severe condemnation from Sheikh Ikrima, Director of Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. Saudi airline also started a daily direct flight to Tel Aviv and there were reports that Saudi had even established diplomatic mission in Jerusalem.

It was under this circumstance that Muslims all overobservedon March 3 the 93rd anniversary of abolition of Caliphate. Highlighting the importance of Islamic organisation Hizbut Tahrir made the following statement;

The first Islamic State was established by the Prophet Muhammed PBUH) himself, in Madinah Munawara in the 7th century.It united people of different colours, creeds and eradicated status inequality.

It eventually came to be embraced by many nations and people. At its height it stretched from Morocco and Spain in the west, to the Philippines in the east, from the Steppes of Khurasan to the north and to the jungles of modern day Congo to the south.

The Caliphate went on to become the global superpower.

The Western colonial powers felt threatened by the expansion began to plot against it. Abolition of Caliphate and the loss of the collective leadership of the global Muslims left it without any defence against the many challenges that have emerged in the decades since.

The artificial nations created by the Western colonialists for the Muslim lands to identify themselves with, are now melting in the sands they were drawn in.Despite the colonial project to distance the Muslims from the Caliphate; Muslims embrace the idea more and more.

This is why the West continues in its colonial project of instilling dictatorsto suppress the call for the Caliphate to halt the flames of change that are burning throughout the Muslim lands.

The Muslim world has been on the receiving end of western culture, systems and governance for decades and has seen their disastrous consequences. The global wealth imbalance, climate problems, political deficit, debt, poverty and social chaos has shown the Muslims worldwide that it’s not just the Muslim lands but the whole world that needs an alternative civilisation. Furthermore the refugee crisis caused by US led European Israeli wars in the Muslim lands, the slaughter of Syria, the abuse and hoarding of the Muslims’ wealth by monarchs, dictator-rulers and corrupt families are just some of the many challenges the Muslims faces.

The anniversary of the abolition of Caliphate in 2017 takes place with the global domination of secular democracy rotting at its core. It takes place with the West having failed, miserably, in convincing the Muslims of their way of life. It takes place with the global Muslims looking for real change and a return to Islam. This geopolitical reality makes the Caliphate the biggest challenge to the existing world order since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This also makes it an unprecedented moment for the rise of an alternative civilisation.

The Caliphate as an alternative civilisation will harmonise the relationship between man and technology and not be held hostage by corporations that use intellectual property rights to hoard progress. Whilst the masses lose confidence in their politicians and the political process the Caliph will introduce a new politics built upon solid foundations that do not change with the winds. This Caliphate will truly be a civilisation where people will flock to and not be displaced due to tyranny and oppression

A worldwide social media campaign was launched to enlighten Muslims of the importance of Caliphate sharing various memes, videos and articles educating alternative civilisation to Capitalism.

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