Most pitiable are “They”; Most fortunate is “HE”

By Eng Abdur Rahman (Courtesy Author)

“He” promised Jobs would be provided to “them” who do not have a living
“He” who did not have a job became a billionaire businessman himself

“He” promised the homeless would be provided with decent houses
“He” who didn’t have a house of his own became an owner of luxury mansions

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“He” promised schools would be built for poor pupils to give quality education
“He” built a university to feed himself and his family for generations

“He” promised he would change the life of refugees by giving new houses
“He” changed his and his family’s refugee lifestyle into a lavish one

“He” promised he would provide “them” transport facilities
“He” who couldn’t own even a bicycle, had a fleet of luxury vehicles

“He” promised he would resolve “their” land issues
“He” became a landed proprietor by selling even the disputed lands

“He” promised he would provide quality education to “their” children
“He” got his children educated in international schools and sent them to foreign universities

“He” promised he would get “them” most needed development projects
“He” became an invisible contractor himself to plunder from the projects

“He” promised he would guarantee “their” security
“He” guaranteed govt security to his own school-going child and wife to do marketing

“He” promised he would restore “them” “their” lost honour
“He” who was not even a “decent minion” transformed himself into a powerful VIP

“He” promised stongly he would not betray “their” trust
“He” traded even the trust of the House of Allah for govt positions and perks

“He” exploited by inciting “them” to struggle and fight
“He” pocketed even the money given to him for election work

“He” promised he would cry and struggle for their rights
“He” kept mum at the right forums prostituting “his” conscience for big bucks and concessions

At the end, “they” the people who trusted him remained the same old “they”
The “he” who was the politician gobbled up everything wholesale.

Most pitiable are “THEY”
Most fortunate is “HE”     

It is little fortune that he enjoyed everything that was promised to “them” for “himself” by using “them”


The ever gullible “they” the people  who still trust “him” even after all these betrayals is his greatest fortune