JR, RP, CBK did not …….like MR

By Bandara (Ceylon Today)

The Argentina Judiciary ordered on 28 December last year that all assets of the former President Christina Fernandez of Argentina worth US Dollars 633 million be confiscated. It is reported that the Court issued this order subsequent to investigations carried out into accusations of corruption and fraud which targeted the former President.

In addition another such incident was reported from Australia on the 9 of this month. Australian Minister of Health Susan Leigh who was accused of misusing finances resigned from her post.

The Australian Minister of Health Susan Leigh was accused of using a sum of Dollars 795,000 for a trip to Queensland where she enjoyed a vacation on the Gold Coast Beach. She had engaged in this trip for a three-day period in 2014.

When you compare both these incidents with what happens in our country, it reflects very well the nature of politicians in our country. It is not only in our country that investigations are conducted into the corruption of politicians and the misuse of public money. In many countries of the world these investigations are held with excellent transparency. However, none of those politicians stand in front of the place where the investigations are carried out and give voice cuts to media saying “I am not guilty, these are due to political revenge.”

The system of the Executive Presidency in our country came into being subsequent to President J. R. Jayewardene introducing it.

J. R. Jayewardene who became the President twice based on the Constitution, handed over the candidacy for the post of President to the new successor Ranasinghe Premadasa and spent the rest of his life in peace and rest with dignity at his Ward Place residence.

Conspiracies to grab power

JR did not engage in any conspiracies to grab power back from Premadasa. He did not go to temples and held political meetings.

He did not provoke the people and got them on to the streets and created chaos upon chaos in the country. He did not create problems that did not exist. He did not try to sabotage garment factories and housing development programmes started by President Premadasa. He did not issue statements based on everything saying he was the former President. He did not attempt to get down the media to wherever he went and to make politics out of voice cuts. He did not hold press briefings from the temple of the leader of nurses’ sector either. JR did not have to go to the prison to visit the parliamentarians and ministers of his government. He was never accused of anything even up to his death, regarding misuse of public funds during his administration and increasing the wealth of his family members in an unrestricted manner.

Subsequently, President D. B. Wijetunga too served in his post and left without having any accusation made against him.

President Wijetunga was a well behaved Buddhist. Once he took leave of his post as President he went to temples to engage in pilgrimages and pay his respects. However, he never made political somersaults at a temple. He did not attempt to organize public rallies or protests against Chandrika Bandaranaike who became his successor and was appointed as President. He protected the respect of the post he held and lived his life until the end. When he left the post of presidency, he did not take home with him the best vehicles he used. Subsequent to leaving his post as President he did not climb on to a political stage at all.

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga held the post of President for two terms according to the Constitution and handed over the candidacy to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and left. Although she presented an amendment to the Constitution in Parliament, she did not bring a proposal to enable her to become President for a third term. Chandrika did not bring in the 18th Amendment in order to enable her to remain in power forever. She did not threaten anywhere that she will overturn Mahinda’s government together with her associates in the party. Subsequent to leaving her post as President, she did not face the media and hold media displays. She sold the property she possessed and attended to her children’s needs and did not have public money she had stolen deposited in various countries around the world. She did not attempt to launch conspiracies in order to regain her rights to the leadership of the party her father founded. She did not bring the people of the country on to the streets either.

In the face of bitter experiences she had to face within the Mahinda administration she left the country and went and settled down abroad. Then she did not go in search of scheming deceitful strategies for power. She did not make any attempt to shift around the heads in Parliament. She made the decision to join active politics together with citizens’ organization against the current administrator whose unprecedented decision to remain in power was opposed.

At this juncture attention must be focused on another fact. J. R. Jayewardene, Wijetunga and Chandrika who were former Presidents of this country were never defeated by people’s votes in a Presidential Election.

They simply handed over the administration to their successor when each of their terms ended according to the Constitution and did not get rejected in an election. President Premadasa had to sacrifice his life due to a terrorist bomb.

The only President who contested a Presidential Election and was rejected by the people and defeated was President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

J. R. Jayewardene, D. B. Wijetunga and Chandrika Bandaranaike did not shake up their own parties and contribute towards creating new parties.

They did not organize spurious strategies with greed for power, once they were rejected by the people and attempt to regain the power they were deprived of.

Up to now, within the People’s Court, accusations did not target the children, the clan of relatives of any State leader who came into being in this country, regarding misuse of State funds, misuse of public property and lawlessness. People of the country know of the amazing manner on how those who were accused rejected all of those and used within the country all their powers and abilities. There is no history in this country where the child of an administrator who ruled this country ignored a Chief Prelate and opened liquor stalls in the city of the Temple of the Tooth and participated in car races. It is surprising that the Chief Monk of the Nurses’ Union has forgotten those activities.

Although the vocabulary of the regime which was deprived of power consisted of patriotism what they wanted was to spread racism and religious strife in order to regain power. They created an image to show that there was a threat of the Tigers in the North once again and acted as if there was fear among the Tamils in the South as well as a threat to Muslims. They planted seeds of these possibilities among Sinhala Society and tried to gain political advantage then and they are using the same strategy today as well in order to regain the power they lost. Today another section has been added to that. That is the Constitution which no one has seen and is at the level of obtaining suggestions and has not been sighted in Parliament as yet.

They are branding it as the Constitution which will divide the country and generating panic among the people. They say that Buddhism will be wiped out. However, none of these accusers have even seen a character of the new Constitution. They are unable to see that because, a new Constitution has not yet been compiled. The main topic of the rally scheduled to be held in Nugegoda is the groundless falsehood of the ‘Constitutional Bogey Man.’

There is only one objective in connection with every rally, every captious protest and the cat’s paw strikes. That is to bring the entire country to a crisis and to somehow obtain power and escape the accusations and crimes they committed during their period of administration. It was also to escape the abuse from society which is created through the truth being revealed during investigations being carried out. Up to now, the Presidents who ruled the country had no fear of having to escape from abuse of society. That is because during their tenure they did not lay a hand on public property and State wealth. It is also because ‘brother companies’ and relatives did not mistreat or mishandle the law of the country. These unlawful persons are using a very organized sensitive and extremely strategic media for that. This network of propaganda, similar to Goebbels Theory is creating havoc in the minds of people and spreading like gangrene, like cancer among the people. However, whose ‘karma’ is it that the government has failed glaringly to show how much of a joke is the truth and reality….?

‘Only a few become leaders of people spontaneously. Their lives are lucky and healthy. All of those who become leaders through strategy end up with emptiness and mental illness’ – Herman Hesse

The people should wisely be aware of the fact that, whoever detests democratic rule and who is trying to make the country unstable and to let lawlessness rule while being behind the cats’ paws is doing so because of the evil effects of mental illness.