Five FB Questions to Namal and Yoshitha and the “task” before Unity Govt

Let us build the stadium – begin the games

By Bandara (Ceylon Today) 

A wonderful incident occurred at the beginning of the week on Social Network websites. That is the five questions an individual had asked on a Q & A Session on Member of Parliament Namal Rajapaksa’s Facebook Page. Those five questions are as follows:

  1. From which university did you obtain your Law Degree?

  2. Name five teachers who taught you during that Degree Course.

  3. Name five persons who studied for that Degree together with you?

  4. What are the Examination Hall and your index number under which you sat for the final year examination?

  5. Please mention your SPA value during your first, second and final years.

Replies were not received for these questions. Such questions on a minor basis can be asked from Parliamentarian Namal’s brother, Yoshitha Rajapaksa:

  1. Have you passed the subject of Mathematics at the Advanced Level Examination which is a basic qualification to be recruited to the Navy? If so in which year was that

  2. During your lifetime have you just even visited a battle front even on one day?

  3. What are the qualifications you possess to become a top ranking Navy Officer?Were there no other Navy personnel worthy of that rank who were more qualified than you to bear that post?

  4. How much of the money from the Medamulana Walawwa and your parents’ money did you spend on going abroad for training while you were in the Navy\

  5. Do you know the person who brought your grandmother Daisy a sack of gems and bundles of cash notes?

Many more questions that are still in the minds of the people can be asked enough and more.


However, what the people and the government appointed by the people want to do is within a frame of democracy where inequity, injustice, lawlessness and fear, does not rule, paving the way for a social environment and economy which does not cause stress and where people can live in freedom.

Nonetheless, a gruesome environment is arising where no room is being allowed to the government to take any steps of relief on behalf of the people in any manner.

The best examples are the crude series of incidents which took place in Mirijjawila in Hambantota recently.

The acquiring of even a perch of land for the New Investment Zone in Hambantota has not yet been carried out. Everything still remains at discussion level. A committee comprising ministers has been appointed for making final decisions. Once this committee of ministers submits the final recommendations, decisions will be made. While the situation remains thus, what do hypocritical politicians who are power hungry expect by creating chaos among the people through spreading basic inaccuracies and dragging them on to the streets? Nevertheless, what they say is they are thinking of the country.

They tried their utmost to provoke the Police and the Army and to bring about murders there through any method. Then the corpses could be taken round the country. They could tell the world that the government was a murderer and obstruct international cooperation being provided. What is this type of political power greed named? However, what they say is that they are thinking only about the country.

On 8 January 2015, it was not the blessed, satisfied Pearl of the Indian Ocean which came into the hands of Maithri-Ranil. It was a country with a burden of debt to the world exceeding 10,000 billion. It was a country where lawlessness ruled. Nepotism was in operation in abundance and it was a country overflowing with corruption. Regional politicians engaged in debauchery with about 100 women and when they bedded the 101st woman they threw a party at which Cabinet Ministers participated and it is a shameless country. It is a country where there was a State leader who did not take any notice of advice given by Chief Prelates and other religious leaders and threw it out similar to a wad of saliva got rid of at dawn. It was a country where the entire social system was unlawful and abnormal and a country where the fear of humanity having deteriorated ruled. It was a country where media freedom did not exists and where a cartoon could not be drawn against the Rajapaksa Family Regime and a news item against them could not be published and if by chance it was, it was a country where the limbs of journalists would have been broken and they breathed their last on the roads.


It was a country plentiful with accusations of human rights violations and on the verge of having sanctions imposed on the country and being isolated internationally. Amidst strong public opposition which was ignored, the Chief Justice of the country was removed from her post in one night through force, by hearing her case in Parliament. It was certain people of a country overflowing with lawlessness who prepared refreshments of kevum and kiribath to be served opposite her house.

The biggest challenge that the Maithri-Ranil administration faced when they took over a country where lawlessness ruled was to re-build the economy that had collapsed.

They had to pay interest of Rs 1,317,790 million on the debt that the Rajapaksa administration had obtained. They paid Rs 1,169,272 in the year 2016 as interest. What is being paid so unreasonably is the money of this country. Money which could have been allocated for serving the people! Does not the government have a responsibility to free themselves of this mountain of debt that is being paid thus? It is the duty of a responsible government to join hands together with foreign countries as certain steps towards getting rid of the debts of the country towards the development of the country and towards generating new job opportunities for the youth of this country. The present government has built up close cordiality and friendship with the international community in order to obtain economic support. Is it wrong to make use of that? The era when Sri Lanka was blacklisted by the international community for misusing the development of the country to improve one family, its relatives, and its collective of friends, the era when the country was isolated was ended by the conscious people of this country in January 2015.

The development that is commencing through the cordiality which the government gradually built up with the international community cannot be borne by the political regime which is power hungry, racist and extremist and which intends grabbing power somehow or other. They plan and obstruct everything. They cut false pits, set up traps, and shed the people’s blood.

All of these traps are in order to acquire power. During the inauguration of the Port City construction at Galle Face in Colombo not even our national anthem was sung. Fifty acres were handed over to the Chinese as freehold property. In reply, at a media briefing Great Economic Expert Bandula Gunawardena said that a land that did not exist in Sri Lanka was thus given over.


Who leased out to the Shangrila Company for 99 years the most valuable land at Galle Face, the land where the Army Headquarters was located?

Who gave lands at Kompanna Veediya and Malay Street where 409 families lived, acquired by force to an India company? Who gave another land also at Kompanna Veediya itself to a Pakistani company?

During the construction of the Hambantota Port, initially in the first phase 450 families and then in the second phase 610 families were removed. From among these families how many were provided with houses to live in permanently?

When such lawlessness and thugs ruled the country during the Rajapaksa Regime then, were the Chief Prelates of the Sects resting? Had Dulles Alahapperuma, Wimal Weerawansa, Gammanpila and Gunawardena and others left Sri Lanka?

Certain people are shouting at the top of their voices suffering all of this pain and creating bogeymen for the people because if youth are provided with jobs and GSP Plus is obtained, the country will receive commercial advantages. If Water Supply Schemes are in operation, the economy is strengthened and legal action is taken against the thieves, these persons will have nowhere to go and also because they would have to distance themselves forever from politics.

Let us consider a huge protest these people engaged in during the past few days. When the government was preparing to bring down Ambulances under the ‘1990 Suwaseriya’ project using Indian financial assistance and to provide a service free of charge, the country was taken towards a massive state of protest.

There is no way that anyone could forget the manner in which Weerawansa and Gammanpila and others screamed at the top of their voices and misled the entire country. They told the people that this was an Indian Invasion. They said our ambulance services will be dealt a severe blow. They said that our ambulance workers will be deprived of their jobs and that it will be Indian employees who will be working in every ambulance. They said that spies from the Indian RAW Spy service would arrive in the country under cover of this provision of ambulances.


They howled and swore in the presence of the public that this was the supreme truth regarding Indian Invaders. However, what has happened at present? Without any of those Indian invasions, the ‘Suwaseriya’ Ambulance Service employees received training in India and are receiving extreme praise from the public. This opposition from the people can be suppressed to a great extent, if information is provided to the people regarding the steps for development taken by the government and are implemented subsequent to a dialogue with the people. The Joint Opposition is raving as if a skin of a deer is being pounded and pointing fingers at the government everywhere and accusing them, using the Central Bank Treasury Bond Scam as examples.

When legal action is taken against those who misused or misappropriated government money, government property, the Joint Opposition mentions the Treasury Bond Fraud. All of the large scale corruption and fraud engaged in previously is beneath the Treasury Bond Scam. The government can immediately respond and close the mouths of these people at each of these instances. What they have to do is establish a special Court as soon as possible and those responsible for the Treasury Bond Fraud are produced in Court and to punish them if they have committed a wrongdoing. If the government keeps postponing it, they will be disgraced day by day and be defeated. Similar to the aborigines’ Cricket match which was played recently. Last week a cricket match was played between a team of parliamentarians and a team of aborigines. The aborigines scored 103 for the loss of six wickets. The parliamentarians’ team managed to score only 38 all out.

Prior to Weerawansa being remanded, Mahinda Rajapaksa told the people that he will be remanded. It was published on social network websites. How can the decisions and secrets of the Financial Crimes Investigation Division be revealed ahead of time? The government should inquire into this. Immediate steps should be taken against the Central Bank Treasury Bond Fraud and those who are against it should be suppressed.

If not, like in the cricket match played with the team of aborigines, there is room for everyone to be out for even less than what the team of parliamentarians scored. If the government is to remain not out, they should train their team well. What is apparent is that even though two years have gone by, there is not even a stadium for training and that the team has not even been called up. The stadium is covered with weeds. The pavilion is full of cobwebs. The time has come to clean up all this and start playing the game.