The nakedness of a greedy individual

Will monkeys attack the local Mujica?

By Bandara (Ceylon today)

There was a common belief that political opinions agreed about a factor that was mentioned every time strikes and threats which were extremely stressful to the public across the country during the past two years were talked about. That is the fact that there was an invisible political hand behind all of these threats and strikes. Last week, this invisible hand was named and the cat was out of the bag.

Member of Parliament of the Kurunegala District, Mahinda Rajapaksa said at a press briefing that this government will be overturned. The situation has arrived where the mime against the State, which was being performed while in hiding, has now become public and is being performed in public.

The Government of Good Governance has completed two years in office now. Maithripala Sirisena who quit the post of General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party then and arrived at the New Town Hall made an emotional speech in the presence of people as the Common Candidate. He mentioned how much mental stress he suffered while being a powerful minister in the then government, while also being the Party General Secretary as well and how he was insulted, in a very sensitive manner.

What Maithripala Sirisena wanted was to become Sri Lanka’s José Mujica (pic). He wanted to give up the unrestricted power of dictatorship once he became the President. He wanted to live a moderate life.Image result

So-called arrogant superiors opposed the 19th Amendment to the Constitution brought by President Maithri so, that he could get rid of the unrestricted powers he was granted. The supreme Parliament took on the nature of a night club.

The nakedness of a greedy individual who was opposed to giving up powers and was extremely greedy for power became clearly confirmed through this blatant opposition. Maithripala was able to get the 19th Amendment passed with the greatest difficulty and it contained side effects.

Cartoon added by TW from Internet

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The dreams of giving up power and spending a moderate life of the son of a farmer and becoming José Mujica were gradually collapsing.

José Mujica was a former President of Uruguay. The population of Uruguay is 3.3 million.

With the mandate of the people, José Mujica became the President of Uruguay in the year 2009. Even though he came into power he did not change his life style even a tiny bit.

Water was supplied to the laundry room which was attached to the dilapidated house from a well behind in the scrub jungle.

Lived in a dilapidated house

For the protection of the wife of the Uruguay President who lived in a dilapidated house there two police officers and a three legged dog named ‘Manuela.’

The people call the Uruguay President ‘Pepe’ – a pet name. José Mujica gave up his comfortable Presidential Mansion and lived a moderate life in a small house on a farm located away from the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo, which belonged to his wife.

The President of Uruguay has donated ninety per cent of his monthly salary on behalf of social service work in the country. President José Mujica’s monthly salary is 7,500 pounds. The ten per cent of his salary which is 485 pounds which remains subsequent to donating his money to charity is a small amount. It is equal to the normal salary of 775 Dollars which a general Uruguayan national receives as a monthly wage.

José Mujica who won the presidential election in the year 2009, was a member of a guerilla group named ‘Tupamaros’ which was an armed left-wing urban group which received the strength of the Cuban Revolution in 1960-70. Mujica was a soldier in Tupamaros which comprised of poverty stricken workers of sugar factories and students and has been shot six times and Mujica was imprisoned for a period of 14 years because he was a member of an anti-government guerilla group. Once he was imprisoned within a well for a period of more than two years. When the State of Uruguay escaped military administration in 1985 and democracy was being established, Mujica regained freedom.

As there were no pipe-borne water facilities at President Mujica’s farm he was the one who drew water required. It was also Mujica who did the household chores such as washing clothes and cooking. He did not have a dryer to dry his washed clothes and as a result had to hang his clothes on a line to dry.

President José Mujica comes to the capital to carry out his duties from the farm. That was in his Volkswagen Beetle car which had been produced in the year 1987. Mujica owned a tractor which he used when working on his farm.

According to the Assets Statement of the President of Uruguay in the year 2010, his assets were only 1,800 dollars. It was equal to the cost of his vehicle. In 2014, President José Mujica included his wife’s assets which was the farm land, tractor and house and the finally tally of assets was two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars.

“I am called the poorest President in the world. But I do not feel any poverty. It is those who try to maintain an expensive life style that is poor. When you have fewer desires the time comes for you to think about yourself. You may see me as a crazy old man.”

President Mujica says in a relaxed manner. An Arabic Prince offered to buy President Mujica’s Volkswagen Beetle car for a million dollars and asked for it. (Unless these Arab monarch fellows give up their lavish lifestyle, there will never be salvation for their counties in particular and Muslims world over in general.  God’s curse will always be there -TW)

“I still protect my father’s shovel and hammer like my life and keep them secure. It is the same with my car. That is my life. I will not sell it for any reason. Even though at present my car is less costly, it has a very high value within my life.”

Arab Royal Prince

President Mujica’s reply to the Arab Royal Prince was that. According to the law of Uruguay, President Mujica’s tenure in office ended in 2014. The law did not allow him to become the President once again. Mujica said that even if he did have the opportunity he would not contest for the post of Presidency.

As a result, the Uruguay President José Mujica who was a part time farmer for all this time and led a simple life became a full time farmer at his farm. When the year 2015 dawned it was possible to see Mujica who was known as the poorest President in the world seated in an ancient chair opposite the house on his farm with his three legged protector ‘Manuela’ the dog by his side.

Can you imagine the difference between the lives of the former Tunisian President Ben Ali who took to politics and gathered a lot of wealth and the former President of Uruguay José Mujica who lived a very simple life?

The present President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena was the son of a farmer who migrated to Polonnaruwa during an extremely difficult era under the Farming Colonies Campaign. He was a Grama Niladhari by profession.

He did not spend a luxurious comfortable life. His life was extremely harsh. He still remembers that past very well. He did not go to reside at the President’s House. He did not attempt to purchase huge Peacock mansions from Colombo either. He still says with humility that his ancestral home in Polonnaruwa will be comfortable enough for him, subsequent to the end of his tenure as President. It is apparent though that Maithri’s humility and simplicity and being democratic is considered as derogatory by the power hungry individuals.

Due to the procedure of President Maithri and Prime Minister Ranil having independent opinion in the government of good governance today the power hungry individuals are stripping the President. They scold him in filthy language. During the period of lawlessness those who grabbed both corners with two hands are today turning in somersaults and insulting and ridiculing the President.

It is the individuals who remained dumb during the lawless government then who are dancing around in the face of democratic freedom which is overflowing in the government of good governance.

A number Monkey Protectors who say various things at different places under cover of protecting President Maithri, while remaining in the Party itself are obstructing the co-existence of the President and the Prime Minister.

President Maithri should realize even at this moment when his administration celebrates the second anniversary, appointing a person like Dilan Perera to be the Party Spokesman is tantamount to smearing mud on himself. Dilan Perera stated in August 2015 that if the Alliance under the unofficial leadership of Mahinda Rajapaksa did not win he would swallow poison. According to an ancient folk tale since a sword was used by a monkey to drive away a fly that settled on the body of the King, the King was killed. However, the honesty that was within that monkey is not there in certain Sri Lanka Freedom Party Parliamentarians and Ministers and politicians who make statements against good governance.

Isura Devapriya

It was possible to see the Chief Minister of the Western Province Isura Devapriya making the following statement, through media recently:

(bold) ‘The two horoscopes of these two parties do not match. We cannot take this marriage further. I believe that this marriage will not even last until the Local Government Elections.” (end bold)

This statement was made by Isura Devapriya                                                                                     who was called from somewhere in a corner where he was and President Maithri handed over the post of Chief Minister.

If someone thinks even a tiny bit that the so-called scary dream of Mahinda Rajapaksa, of overturning the government will become a reality and power upheaval will take place through a political storm in the country and the Rajapaksa Regime will once again take over the administration, these parliamentarians and Ministers will leave Maithripala Sirisena and it will be possible to see them fall in worship while struggling and pushing each other in groups at the feet of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Not only that, it is conclusive and definite that they will not hesitate to target Maithripala Sirisena with any accusation that Mahinda Rajapaksa mentions.

President Maithri should be successful in understanding this simple truth on the day that his administration completes two years.

In conjunction with the attempts made to create a racist problem in the North, it is apparent that these days another attempt is underway to create a religious problem in the South.

The Sangha edict of the Mahanayakes is such an attempt. This country should not move towards racist and religious destruction once again. It is the only objective of prejudicial power hungry individuals to create a series of conflicts.

General Secretary of the Alliance Mahinda Amaraweera speaking about the incident at the Hambantota Port told the media that people who are aware of what is going on and administrators should think twice:

(bold) “The statement that the Hambantota Port is to be sold is false. We will not allow the sale of any resources in any manner. Even a final agreement has not been reached as yet and it has not been put to the Cabinet either. Neither President Maithiripala nor we will leave any room for a decision to be made to sell lands of the country. At present discussions are being held at officers’ level. A decision has been made to appoint a Ministerial level committee. It is this committee that will engage in a study and hopes to report to the Cabinet.” (end bold)

(bold) “I can see one thing. We can see that it is apparent that there is a group who want to bring the Army and Police and create a clash and a situation where there will be shooting. It has been reported to us that a plan has been formed where lives of people will be sacrificed.” (end bold)

What Minister Amaraweera said is quite correct. That vision is accurate.

Extremist power hungry individuals who are intoxicated with power do not value human lives at all. What they want is to even swim through an ocean of blood and somehow acquire power.

We can say that at the moment when good governance celebrates its second anniversary is a decisive moment where the people of our country should put up walls of courage and truth in order to suppress the floods of fear.

The power frenzy and the greed for power which takes on the nature of a devil should immediately be understood at this moment when the Maithri-Ranil administration celebrates two years in existence.