Thieves that create false bogeymen

By Bandara (Ceylon Today)

On 8 January 2015 the people won a non-violent political revolution. Violence, political dictatorship, injustice, lawlessness and fear gripped our country then. A collective of certain people’s forces which did not heed the fire powers, weapon powers which are conscionable engaged in a number of non-violent procedures and ignoring their personal privacy worked on behalf of the country, while focused on the same objective and as a result it was possible to achieve victory in the revolution which was named the ‘rainbow revolution.’

A massive opinion had been built up within the country that it would never be possible to change the Rajapaksa administration which was armed with extensive power, wealth and all procedures against the people and even within the minds of those opposed to the Rajapaksas that indeterminate fear had taken root and within that absolute power remained uncertain with their hearts.

Then, similar to the rainbow revolution which took place in our country on 8 January, there were a number of revolutions which were won because of people’s power by getting rid of violence, all over the world.

In 1988 the dictatorial administrator of Chile, General Pinochet was removed from power through the NO campaign by the Solidarity Campaign and in 1986 the great dictator and ruler who subjugated the Philippines Marcos was chased away by the People’s Power Campaign, in 2001 Estrada, a corrupt administrator also in the Philippines was removed from his post by the People’s Power 2 Campaign, in 2003 the Rose Revolution removed from power the Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, in 2004 the Orange Revolution in Ukraine launched by the people themselves getting together were some of the non-violent revolutions which removed from power the dictatorial administrators who suppressed the people.

Another example is Mkhuseli Jack, the young man who lent leadership to ‘Buying Power’ which was a Consumer Strike Campaign, launched with the honourable intention of getting Nelson Mandela released from Prison in 1989.

In the year 2000, it was a similar revolution that deprived Serbian Dictator Slobodan Milosevic of power.

Non-violent campaigns

History remains colourful with victories achieved through non-violent campaigns which were won by society and citizens’ campaigns launched in this manner against dictatorial administrators who suppressed the people.

In addition to the Sinhala people who gave their maximum support to the Rainbow Revolution in Sri Lanka on 8 January 2015, Tamil-Muslim people also joined the Revolution sans any conditions due to the pressure and heinous activities of the Rajapaksa regime they had to face.

From the statements and speeches and threats being made these days by the ministers and parliamentarians of the government of co-existence which came into being after the Rainbow Revolution, it is apparent that none of these individuals do not even consider an atom the traits of the revolution which were contained in the Rainbow Revolution and the people’s aspirations. In other words, what is within the political leadership which was raised up through the Rainbow Revolution is underestimation.

Subsequent to the Rainbow Revolution, the government of co-existence will complete two years in office. The people’s expectations that all corruption and frauds engaged in by the misuse of public money by members of the Rajapaksa regime would be revealed to the people and that legal action would be taken have all been destroyed through the activities and statements of the present government. The expectations of the knowledgeable public of the country are very high.

As the President declares at many places, the people did not ask him to reduce the price of goods as such and to give them to eat and drink. What they wanted from him was to save the country from the dark terror ridden corrupt Rajapaksa administration and to provide leadership on behalf of creating a democratic, sensible, reasonable society. This is the objective and the logical reason of the silent revolution the people of the country engaged in, while searching for a common candidate.

If what is happening today is the same thing that happened then, but at a lower level or the same things as then there is no political victory that can be gained.

Setting aside other facts, let us look at the pressure that racist lunatics who depend on forces that suppress and subjugate the people create in the public regarding the new Constitution. The new Constitution is not a conspiracy. The discussion on this should be open to the public. The government should ensure that a public dialogue is created from all sides. What is happening now, those greedy for power and in frenzy are creating a bogeyman and shaking the hearts of people. The government is not making any effort to reply to this massive false, ferocious bogeyman that is being created and certain leaders of the government have come to a stance where they are avoiding the democratic changes.

New Constitution

The new Constitution is not merely to change or abolish the system of the Executive Presidency, and the government should convince the people that it is to further strengthen democracy. If such a reasonable Constitution can be drafted it would not be difficult to obtain the consent of the Tamil people.

What is taking place now is not a State campaign that creates awareness in the minds of the public and convinces them of the correct things they are engaged in doing. Not only does the unpatriotic campaign of opposing a new Constitution which the people-suppressing dark shadows have launched, dragging the country backwards but it is extremist, it is racist, and are assumptions that have been created without any substance. In a situation where a final draft is not even to be seen, these individuals spread total falsehoods regarding the new Constitution and create unwarranted fear regarding the Constitution in the public.

Shouldn’t this disgraceful attempt be defeated?

What are the effective procedures of action that the government has taken for doing that?
Even before 8 January 2015 these lunatics engaged in the same thing. More than that, these are racist activities. They wove a secret agreement between Ranil, Maithri and Sampanthan and the totally, preposterous falsehood they spread around while licking their lips is still being bandied about in the same manner. That is to create racist chaos among the people. Then, these so-called lunatics could not make the democratic rainbow forces retreat through those lies and falsehoods.

What has happened today is that these rainbow forces which were together and of one mind have spread out. It has happened because of the faults of the government and its leaders. However, it is not because of the preparation of the new Constitution or due to a fault of that.

The conscientious people who contributed towards the Rainbow Revolution of 8 January requested for a new Constitution from their hearts for democracy in the country.

What the government should do is immediately correct its faults. Among these is revealing the accused in the Central Bank Treasury Bond Scam to the country and producing them in Court.

Change should not be restricted to words only and it should be depicted through action as well. The powerful strategy of keeping the public with them is acting towards the maximum in a manner that does not breach the trust of the public. The new Constitution should be prepared with courage and the imaginative bogeyman of the Constitution should be attacked and chased away to outer space!

That is the most powerful challenge facing the entire government led by the President and the Prime Minister. The new Constitution need not provide compensation for the improper actions and faults of the ministers of the government. Not even the people of the country should pay compensation for that.

It would be really good if the government understood this change even on the second anniversary of the government of co-existence which blossomed through the Rainbow Revolution. The government will be able to nail the coffin of the extremists, racists, gangs and powerful heinous forces and bury them six feet underground.

May the government have the ability to empower this reality! That is our wish for the welfare of the people, in the New Year.