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Ben Ali there – Ben Ali here

By Bandara (Ceylon Today) 

There are strikes everywhere. These strikes have succeeded to some extent at least to drag the country into a net of chaos and to upset the minds of the people to benumb the lives of people. When you consider these facts, it is obvious that the purposes of the sinful shadows behind these cruel strikes have been achieved at least to some extent.

The government did not face up at all properly to the strike that made people suffer, which was launched by so-called road killers requesting permission to kill human beings and to behave in an undisciplined manner on the roads. Behind that strike was a hand that was greedy for political power.

It was the same political power and the invisible persons orchestrating it at the Hambantota Harbour. There is a rumour that five thousand rupee notes were distributed everywhere, during that strike rousing bitter responses from the international community.

During the strike staged islandwide by these licensed killers the President of the Three-wheeler Association and Three-wheeler Owners’ Association, said three-wheeler drivers belonging to a different association who disobey all road rules are the ones who took to the streets and that they were not aware of this strike launched by them.

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The President told the media that a small group took to the streets and engaged in an unnecessary protest and that Arrack flowed freely among those in the strike action who began marching into town from near Nelumpokuna. He added that there could have been some political force orchestrating strike.

Minister in charge of the subject Abdul Haleem said at a media briefing that the strike launched by postal workers aimed at sabotaging the festive season when Christmas cards and gift parcels had to be delivered was also the result of an attempt to embarrass the government.

The Minister said that the demands of the postal workers could have been resolved by official negotiations. He said he had asked the TU leaders to give him a month’s time to submit a cabinet paper l to their demands for government’s approval.
The Minister said he personally felt the strikers took to the streets not even fully understanding the public impact of their strike , but with the sole objective of plunging the government into embarrassment.

Central Expressway

There was public opposition to the construction of the overpass bridge in a prelude to construction of the Kadawatha- Mirigama Central Expressway recently where a protestor was seen brandishing a Lion Flag. The protestors got involved in an argument with the Chairman of the Road Development Authority, Nihal Sooriyarachchi. Their excuse for the protest demonstration was that they had not received fair compensation. The Chairman has told the media that the villagers had however in no way been harassed.

Confirming that they had been compensated adequately he added that it was only a handful of individuals who were protesting. The television replay showed one protestor threatening a machine operator.

It is only a handful of individuals who engage in strikes and threats which inconvenience the public as mentioned above. However, these people sleep across the main road. They place logs across railway lines. They engage in violence and harassment of those at work. Those power hungry individuals who misguide these people do so with the objective of causing maximum public inconvenience for the general public at every opportunity.

Doctors become strike managers and trample underfoot the Hippocratic Oath. All of the demands made in every protest could have been resolved through discussion and consensus.

The chaos that several racist extremists created opposite the Presidential Secretariat some days ago, under cover of the disabled war heroes’ protest, was similar in nature. Their sole objective was to provoke a police backlash by entering the premises by force. When this incident took place, a discussion was underway within the Presidential Secretariat with representatives of the war heroes. Extremists made a mess of things by shouting ‘the war heroes are being assaulted,” to mislead the country and the world.

Every strike staged to date has been resolved through negotiations. However, according to how so-called political power-hungry individuals , what happens initially is that without any prior warning people take to the streets and inconvenience the daily lives of the public. They cause difficulties for the public. They mortgage the tears of the public because of their greed for power. There is a group of media personnel too, who are ever ready to try to raise these conflicts more and more to a higher level and to convince everyone that the entire country is displeased with the government. They achieve their objectives to the letter.

The power hungry individuals will take more and more steps to make the country inactive, in the fear that what they carried out due to their greed for power, thirst for power, and the mental stress of being deprived of power which are actions against the people, would be revealed.

Arrogance and family power

There was a President in Tunisia who ruled the country with arrogance and family power and was deprived of his power and authority. The administration of the former President of Tunisia Zine El Adidine Ben Ali comprised of 28 family relatives and about 100 from his extended family. Ben Ali was a man who had married twice. He had three daughters with his first wife Naima. They were named Ghazwa, Dorsaf and Cyrine. Together with his second wife Leila, he had two daughters and a son. The daughters were named Nesrine and Halima while the son was Mohammed Ben Ali.

Under Ben Ali’s administration, all airports in Tunisia and the Medio Bank was ruled by his daughter Ghazwa’s husband Slim Zarrouk.

The International Arabic Tunis Bank in Tunisia, the Charms F. M. Radio Service, Businesses Monoprix and Giant, the Benz Motor Company in Tunisia and the Tunisian Internet Trade Company were all ruled under President Ben Ali’s daughter Cyrine’s husband Marouane Mabrook.

The boy friend of the President’s third daughter Halima, 23 year old Mehdi Gaied was the head of the Company which manufactured French Peugeot vehicles in Tunisia.

The elder brother of Leila, Ben Ali’s wife, Belhassen Trabelsi was in charge of the Tunisian Bank, Khamasa Hotel (Four Star), Aldiana Hotel, Carnago Air Services, Mosaigue FM Radio, Karthaj Television, Karthaj Cement Factory and the Bisherett Sweetmeats Factory. All local and foreign investments in Tunisia were also under Belhassen (President’s brother-in-law.)

Pharmaceutical Companies in Tunisia, Housing and Property Trades were all under the rule of President Ben Ali’s daughter Dorsaf’s husband Slim Dibarbi, the son-in-law. Attijari Bank, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Ceat, Kia motor vehicle exporting companies, Zitouna FM, Assabah Le Temps newspaper companies in Tunisia were all owned by the husband of President Ben Ali’s daughter from his second marriage, Nesrin, Shakeer L. Materiat. When the banks in Tunisia were privatized, it was Shakeer who claimed the most number of shares. He owned luxury mansions in various countries and States. Shakeer provided them to royal families.

Single ownership of importing salmon and sardines to Tunisia and fishing in the Tunisian lake was granted to another brother-in-law of President Ben Ali, named Mourad Trabelsi. The owner of the largest iron sales shops in Tunisia was President Ben Ali’s grandson Imed Trabelsi.

President Ben Ali’s sisters Najet Ben Ali, Naima Ben Ali, Hayet Ben Ali and Brothers Slahhedine Ben Ali, and Tijani Ben Ali were all owners of lands and property, businesses, tourism campaigns and luxury hotels.

President Ben Ali built a massive mansion on a beautiful mountain close to the Southern Coast of Tunisia. It consisted of 322 rooms. There were swimming pools underground and on the ground floor as well. In the parking lot were a number of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Daimlers, Rolls Royce cars. The house also comprised of a helipad and helicopters. The main hall was exquisite and attractive and there was an ultra modern library with glass doors and racks. In a massive safe behind the library, there were gold, gems, diamonds, bundles of notes of Euro 200 and 500 denomination and bundles of Dollar notes of 100 and 200 denomination. It is said that the value of this was 320 million Dollars.

The make-up Room of President Ben Ali’s wife, at this mansion consists of carvings in gold which ornaments the room.

Luxury mansions

The Ben Ali family owns valuable luxury mansions, in the South of France. This area is considered to be a luxurious paradise for living in France. They also have six houses in 16 zones of Paris considered to be the area for luxury living. This family also has huge mansions as well as Bank Accounts in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Switzerland, Canada, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Jordan and Ecuador.

Ben Ali came into power with a humanitarian face. He ruled the country for 23 years. He held timely elections. Even though ninety per cent of the people were against him, according to results of elections, the winner was Ben Ali, always.

The fate of those who went against Ben Ali and spoke or wrote against him was extremely gruesome. Trade Union leaders, journalists, lawyers, artistes, students and politicians who wanted to see a good society opposed Ben Ali, fled the country in fear of the wicked administration. There was a separate group to suppress those who went against Ben Ali. Many who were against him were abducted and went missing. They were shot to death.

It was the relatives of his family that ruled Tunisia during Ben Ali’s regime. At the end of everything the Ben Ali administration got caught to the vicious waves of the storm of the Arab Spring and got completely destroyed. Ben Ali together with his closes relatives fled to Saud Arabia in private air craft. Ben Ali’s wife Leila fled carrying one thousand and seven hundred kilos of gold from a Tunisian Bank and a bag full of billions of dollars in cash regarding which no revelation has been made so far. Ben Ali’s relatives too followed the same procedure.

Although international warrants were issued against Ben Ali and his relatives, so far it has not been reported that any of them have been taken into custody. They are living in secret in various places in the world on the wealth they abducted. Unofficial sources reported that President Ben Ali lives in Saudi Arabia.

Similar to the defeat of Ben Ali in Tunisia as a result of the storm of the Arab Spring, on 8 January, the dictatorial power hungry regime which was defeated by the Rainbow Revolution is donning various disguises and shaking the government by the ear. They go to other countries, rub the ear and hit it. The pain of the hits on the ears of the government is felt by the people. The people are suffering hugely due to the shots on the ears of this dictatorial power frenzy.Image result for maithri ranil cartoons

“Ranil and Maithri tend to look elsewhere instead of focusing on the immediate need to address the real issues facing many people. This hurts their sensitivities “