Governance on the Reverse Gear

By Bandara

A full stop was put to the attempt by the Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga to break a world record by creating the world’s tallest Christmas tree. However, the full stop was not laid in a simple manner. It was because of a statement made by His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo. But later Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe gave the nod to go ahead constructing the Christmas tree after consultation with all parties.

The request made by the Chief Prelates not to disgrace the honour of the Most Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy by holding car races in the city was rejected without a moment’s hesitation. The Babies held this even on a prosperous scale with alcohol being sold in temporary sales outlets.

That was the mockery of destiny. Today Mahinda cannot do without the temples. All political meetings are held at temples. Today Mahinda has selected the temples to state while striking his chest, “Ape Hamuduruwane these are the things this government is doing. It is only revenge.” The Maha Sangha and Mahinda have forgotten that during Mahinda’s administration Mahinda rejected their courteous requests in an instant. The disgrace the Babies brought to the honoured respect of the historic city of Kandy has been forgotten today. The Great Buddhist of Magampaththuwa, Mahinda Rajapaksa could have stopped his sons’ misconduct with one word. However, he did not do so. He did not even think of granting release to Army Commander Fonseka who was dragged along the floor like an animal and dumped into a prison cell sans any accusation at all. Nevertheless, Mahinda cannot do without the temples today, to talk about Sinhalese and Buddhism.

The Maithri-Ranil administration listened to the fair request by religious leaders. Then, the Mahinda administration did not lend an ear even to the fair requests of religious leaders.

The difference lies there. The area around the Galle Face Green where this Christmas tree was to be created and entire Colombo Fort was used for car races. Army soldiers carted sacks of sand. On whose requirements…? People did not want car races. These were done to appease the ‘Baby’s Friends Society, only. Many people have also forgotten that, motor vehicles used in high speed car racing were exempted from taxes as well.

Mahinda Rajapaksa who did not even lend an ear to the requests of the Maha Sangha, brought the 18th Amendment in order to remain further in government administration. The heroes who are yelling in Parliament today raised their hands and expressed their agreement without making a sound, silently like rats, slamming the final nail in the coffin of the demise of democracy in the country.

President for the third time!

If those things had happened then in that way, we may not have been able to even imagine the horrendous situation this country would have been in today. What would have been the status that would have been given to Basil Rajapaksa and Sajin Vaas Gunawardena in a new Cabinet subsequent to Mahinda Rajapaksa being sworn in as President for the third time!

The Joint Opposition was creating a canard in Parliament recently saying that a ‘super’ minister was going to be appointed, but some of the members of the Joint Opposition have forgotten the super ministers that existed then.

If Mahinda Rajapaksa had been sworn in as President for the third time, what would have been the difference between the powers Basil Rajapaksa and the other ministers of the government to be appointed? What would have been the posts that Namal and Sajin would have been granted…? In relation to learned ministers who addressed Namal as ‘Sir’ then in the face of their unrestricted power, how would the power and personality of ministers during the third term have been diluted….?

Subsequent to the third ascendency to the ‘throne’, how would have Yoshitha Rajapaksa who was admitted to the Navy, violating all admittance rules of the Navy, have shone?

If Mahinda had regained power for the third time, Wasim Thajudeen’s murder would have still remained an accident. However, this fact too, has to be said. Under the present government which said everything will be investigated, the incident of relatives engaged in a silent protest near the Court requesting justice on behalf of Thajudeen’s murder is a challenge for the actions of this government.

If so, the responsibility of veteran journalist Lasantha Wickrematunga’s murder would still have been in the hands of unidentified gunmen. The government has to be strictly questioned why this investigation which was only partly completed, came to a standstill and on whose requirement it was halted.

If things were enforced thus then Ministers of our country would have met the journalist named Prageeth Ekneligoda at Airports in countries abroad and got to know information about Sri Lanka.

As this government is not investigating the Siriliya Bank Account at the Suduwella Bank Branch and has no responsibility, as yet, a vast amount of money is being collected in that account.
Owners exist for the huge mansions in Malwana which are alleged to have no owners and no deeds. There are deeds that exist as well.

Race of relatives

With the influence of Wimal Weerawansa his race of relatives would have constructed more and more houses and mansions. The Musician Sonu Nigam came to Sri Lanka twice or thrice. The IIFA (International Indian Film Academy Awards) cinema hospitality provided would have continued with the pomp and grandeur required.

Rohitha Rajapaksa builds super rockets to the maximum ability of Satellite Technology in Sri Lanka. Ajith Nivaard, Anarkali, Namal and others would have travelled in trains round and round to defeat all other countries to have the Commonwealth Games to be held in Sri Lanka.

The beauties at SriLankan Airlines would have been released from their duties to enable them to come and work at the Presidential Secretariat.

The love safaris on aircraft by the SriLankan Airlines Chairman would have increased daily.

The comfort for the dogs at Basil’s house would have increased; more and more war heroes would have been required to bathe these dogs. More female war heroes would have to be deployed on public money in order to help the wife wear her shoes to pin her saree and so on.

However, all of these incidents which could have taken place were avoided because of the rainbow revolution the people brought about on 8 January. The dangerous risk of having to be subject to an arbitrary and dictatorial administration was avoided.

Have the aspirations of 6.2 million people who saved the country from sinking into such a place, been fulfilled…?

It is obvious that whatever is happening with catching thieves or the incident of the number of thieves increasing, there is a situation where certain effective objectives have been established.

Steps in welfare have been taken by reducing the prices of medicines for a healthy life for people in the country, increasing the price of cigarettes, including labels with the amount of concentration of sugar in food items and drinks.
What happened to the amendment to the laws the government attempted to bring about to increase fines for untimely deaths in motor vehicle and road accidents in the country?

Killers on the road

The government did not successfully face the false strike which made so much noise, of the so-called killers on the road. During that strike 128 buses of the Sri Lanka Transport Board were damaged and 31 persons had to be hospitalized. An Army Corporal who was hit by a rock is still in a struggle between life and death. Did such a disaster take place because of the powerfulness of the road killers? If not, was it because the government failed to face the road killers who were requesting permission to kill humans on the roads?

There are huge holes in the manner in which the government faced the so-called road killers. Army trucks or buses in camps did not take to the road on that day. Neither did lorries and buses belonging to the State take to the roads. All government vehicles did not take to the road and helped transport some of the public. If the train timetable changed it was in a minor manner. There was no bus service to the city or to the remote railway stations.

The red line of certain office workers was drawn as usual. In short, because they did not obtain the assistance of the public during this road killers’ disgraceful strike, the government failed to a certain extent.

If the government had issued statements saying: “Even with difficult travel in an Army truck or a lorry, there is no problem regarding the red line, we will give you short leave,” and obtained the cooperation of the public, they would have been able to successfully face these road killers who requested permission to kill human beings on the roads.

Now, what has happened is that the government is travelling on the reverse gear in the presence of the road killers. A commission has been appointed to re-consider the fines. Is it impossible for road killers to avoid overtaking from the left? Can’t they avoid driving at high speed while not taking any notice of human lives? If no road rules are broken it does not matter if the fine is a hundred thousand rupees, even.

It is the road rules in a country, which is the main factor that measures the discipline of a country. If road rules are followed and observed properly there will be no accidents.

The road killers are requesting to break the rules and laws, to kill human beings. Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that the fines will not be reduced even by five cents. People are waiting until the government which had to use the reverse gear in the presence of road killers, return to the top gear. If they do not do that, the government will always be travelling in the reverse. However, the public will not remain forever in the neutral gear.