How Dubai bank account probe got leaked!

(Lanka News Web)

At a media briefing on the 19th, minister Rajitha Senaratne shamelessly made a reference to former director general of the Bribery or Corruption Investigation Commission Dilrukshi Dias Wickremasinghe. He alleged that one hour after Dilrukshi got the signature of president Maithripala Sirisena to a document pertaining to investigate the Dubai bank accounts of Namal Rajapaksa, Mahinda Rajapaksa had given a phone call to president Sirisena and inquired from him as to whether he had signed such a letter. Senaratne implied that Dilrukshi has had connections with the Rajapaksa faction and leaked information to them.

However, Lanka News Web has details of the Dubai bank account and the correspondence alleged by Senaratne, which are as follows:

Getting hold of details of Namal’s Dubai bank accounts, a powerful minister of the government telephoned Dilrukshi and told her that the matter could be investigated through the Sheikhs who rule Dubai, and that she should contact Ports Authority director Suresh Edirisinghe who could act as the middleman, as he had close connections with them. This Edirisinghe is a double-cross character who had been an obedient servant of the Rajapaksas when they ruled the country, and then obtained positions from the ‘Yahapaalana’ government too.

Thereafter, a powerful minister and a senior DIG met the Dubai Sheikhs, who informed them that the matter could be dealt with like an inter-governmental matter (During the Dubai trip, Edirisinghe introduced a person named Tony to the minister and the senior DIG. But, it was actually the former LTTE international financial head Emil Kanthan).

As per the Sheikhs’ assurance, Dirukshi obtained an attorney license to the name of a senior lawyer from the president in order to deal with the bank accounts. It was to this letter that Senaratne referred at the media briefing. Obtaining the attorney license, Dilrukshi showed it to Edirisinghe, who obtained a copy and said he would leave for Dubai on the same day. But, he did not go to Dubai. He went and met Mahinda Rajapaksa and handed over the copy to him. Mahinda gave it to his son Namal. Namal told his political friends, “I will bring this out at the suitable moment.” That is how the Rajapaksas got to know details of the Dubai account investigation and they managed to find a way out of a serious financial fraud accusation.

Dirukshi waited for some time to see if the investigation went ahead through Edirisinghe, but seeing that it was not so, went to a private law firm in Dubai and produced the document to them. The Dubai Sheikhs became angry over this, as it was meant to be a government-to-government matter, and the investigation became a total failure.

In the meantime, the FCID launched an investigation against Edirisnghe, but his two government minister friends are disrupting the investigation. In the end, the Dubai bank account investigation became a failure. Everybody else have washed their hands off the matter, while placing the entire blame on Dilrukshi after she resigned from the commission.

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