MR Avurudhu| Saudi Camel| Arming teachers| Obama’s friends

Rajapaksa's AvuruduFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa celebrated Sinhala/Hindu New Year at Carlton House, Tangalle. Several MPs also joined Rajapaksa for new year at his home at Tangalle. -Asian Mirror

The Hindu, India

Iranphobia Cartoon Movement: Same Goal

Zahoor's CartoonThe Dawn, Pakistan (UAE had threatened Pakistan of heavy price if it does not support Arab Coalition in the attack of Yemen) 

The News, Pakistan

Daily Times, Pakistan

cr-maSaudi Gazette

cr-opSaudi Gazette-2

1429023871511454300.jpgArab News, KSA

LIFE'S LIKE THAT...Khaleej Times, UAE

The following Cartoons are from

Brian Adcock - The Independent - Don't Panic - English - dont panic, conservative, labour, tories, giveaways, general election, uk, Britain, ed miliband, david Cameron, headless chickens,

Marian Kemensky - Slovakia - Obamas friends - English - Obama,castro,cuba,embargoObama’s Friends

Arend Van Dam - - White House Intern - English - Hillary Clinton, president, Oval Office, White House, White House Intern, elections, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, sex

Dario Castillejos - Diario La Crisis - USA Relationship with Cuba - English - President Barack Obama,Raul Castro,Cuba,America,handshake,cold war,ice,diplomatic relations

Mike Keefe - Cagle Cartoons - Guns in Classroom COLOR - English - arms; guns; concealed; carry; guns; classroom; teachers; school; colorado; legislature; shooting; columbine; neville

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