Yakub’s Memon’s killing ; A blot on India’s name

by Latheef Farook Courtesy Authoryakoob-memon0

As expected  and, perhaps  planned,  the 53 year old  Mumbai chartered accountant Yakub Abdul Razak Memon , accused of alleged involvement in the March 1993 Mumbai bombing which killed 257 people, was killed,perhaps slaughtered,on his birthday on Thursday 30 July 2015 at Nagpur Jail.

Leading politicians, lawyers and many others described it as judicial killing by the very same judiciary which failed to bring to book the RSS fascists who committed massacre after massacre and genocide on India’s besieged and beleaguered Muslims. Continue reading

August 17th: Will We Ever Learn From History?

By Lukman Harees Courtesy Author 

Lukman Harees

In history, a great volume is unrolled for our instruction, drawing the materials of future wisdom from the past errors and infirmities of mankind.” – Edmund Burke

‘You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all of the time’; This has been said before and it still rings true today. As Sri Lanka prepares itself once again to choose its’ next parliament, political parties -mega and minor and of various hues are at their usual old game of presenting hastily fashioned manifestos to the electorate which look laudable in print but are mere fairy tales in action. However, it is expected that the voters will become wiser even this time and elect their representatives, keeping the interests of the country at heart and mind , thereby defeating the vested interests of those who seek their votes merely to boost their personal gain and glory. The world observes with much interest how the Sri Lankans will vote :To revert to the darker days of corruption and communalism- another Breakdown OR to continue their quest for good governance – Then a Breakthrough? Continue reading

War Politics and Peace Politics

article_imageNational Security, in Peace Time

Aluthgama town

by Tisaranee Gunasekara  Source Sunday Island

“History, despite its wrenching pain,
Cannot be unlived, but if faced
With courage, need not be lived again.”

Maya Angelou (On the Pulse of Morning)

For Lankan Tamils, the cruellest month had to be July. No defeat or tragedy which befell them was as universal as Black July. It was a general conflagration which spared no Tamil. Poor bottle-sellers and wealthy entrepreneurs, uneducated road-sweepers and highly qualified professionals, voters and politicians, Hindus and Christians, young and old, leftists and rightists, men and women, every Tamil was imperilled by it. Continue reading

Supposing MR wins – A scenario analysis

What is MR wins – A scenario analysis

Source Lanka News Web

Sri Lanka is going in for a general election on the 17th of August, 2015 mainly to decide which group out of the two main stream parties, would govern the country for the next five years.
Although it’s a battle between the UNP lead front versus UPFA; it is a face to face battle between the countries most seasoned campaigners ;( RW) and (MR). Continue reading

Two centuries of a nation into two hours and 20 minutes

In Search of Paradise

Source Sunday Island

A hartal activist of 1953 being assaulted

by Randima Attygalle

Encapsulating the political evolution of nearly two centuries of a nation into two hours and 20 minutes of riveting audio-visual narration entails the mastery of a deft film-maker. So much so the celebrated film-maker of Hansa Vilak, Thunweni Yamaya, Suddilage Kathawa, Bawa Duka and Bawa Karma does not hesitate to call his documentary In Search of a Paradise his ‘sixth film’.

“Such was the effort that went into it,” recalled Dharmasiri Bandaranayake. It took the renowned film-maker and dramatist three years of rigorous historical and political research, seeking expert comments of scholars and the most Herculean task of editing it, to give the audience an experience of ‘not too much’ and ‘not too little.’ Continue reading

Mahinda seeks respectable exit

Lanka News Web

The request has been made by Mr. Mahinda’s brother – former Defence Secretary – Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the ‘Sath Handa’ reports.

He has requested to provide the Prime ministerial position for Mahinda Rajapaksa on a short term basis should the UPFA win with a majority of at least one seat. Continue reading

Turkey’s move makes ME conflict more murky

Source Daily Mirror

We are quite mistaken if we assume that at last a powerful nation in the region, in this instance Turkey, has plucked up enough courage to take on ISIS terrorists. Far from it, Turkey apparently has little or no interest in combating or eliminating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS. Its attitude had been that it did not matter who did it as long as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was ousted. Thus its policy had been one of tolerance as far as ISIS was concerned.

But when Turkey declared a war this week on ISIS and Kurdish terrorism which Ankara had been plagued with over the past three decades, obviously eyebrows were raised. Turkey’s war, it appears, is targeted no so much at ISIS, but at armed Kurdish groups not only in Turkey but also in Syria and Iraq. Turkey does not want the Kurdish separatists to become strong and carve a separate state out of the three countries and perhaps Iran, too. Thus it comes as little surprise that the bulk of the bombs from Turkish war planes fall on Kurdish positions in Turkey, northern Iraq and Syria rather than on ISIS. Continue reading