Health Benefits of Juiced Raw Cannabis!

Source The Real Food Channel

What’s one of the latest trends in healing with plant foods? Juicing the raw cannabis plant. Patients and their doctors have found that raw cannabis juice has many benefits, including anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain relieving properties. Raw cannabis juice does not give the high of the smoked or cooked form of the plant. The sad punchline to this video is that the pioneers of this field have had to leave the United States to find a country free enough to use this simple plant to heal themselves and others. Continue reading Health Benefits of Juiced Raw Cannabis!

Shipwrecks in SL Territorial Waters should not be salvaged

SS Worcestershire: A forgotten shipwreck found

THE POINT: Shipwrecks are also tourist attractions. The H.M.S Hermes, the first aircraft carrier sunk during World War II off Batticaloa was featured among the top 100 wrecks in the world by the UK Sports Diver Magazine and hundreds of dive enthusiasts visit Sri Lanka every month just to dive to this wreck.

Three young divers describe the excitement of discovering World War 1 treasures lying in the seabed of Sri Lanka

By Malaka Rodrigo (Sunday Times – 2012)

Recently the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Five years after the Titanic disaster in 1917, a British armed merchant ship met its end in the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka. The SS Worcestershire was en route from Rangoon to London when it was sunk by sea mines laid by German armed merchant raider SMS Wolf that was hunting British ships in the Indian Ocean at the height of World War 1. Two members of the crew died as the SS Worcestershire sank to its watery grave. Continue reading Shipwrecks in SL Territorial Waters should not be salvaged

The 19th Amendment – A Critique

The Proposed Nineteenth Amendment – A Critique


by Nihal Jayawickrama (Island)

The Bill for the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution has been drafted, published in the Gazette and placed on the Order Paper of Parliament without any opportunity for public consultation. Once more, a government has arrogated to itself the sole power to draft a constitution, ignoring the fact that the constitution belongs to the whole country and all its inhabitants. It is a social contract between the citizens and the state, whereby the people agree to submit themselves to the power of the state, and agree to the manner in which that power will be distributed, exercised and limited among the institutions of government. A constitution should not be the product of political bargaining between competing political parties; nor should it result from the application of the party whip.

The proposed Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution appears to have been drafted with care to reflect some of the commitments made in the common programme of the common candidate for the presidency which received the overwhelming support of all ethnic and religious groups of this country. However, a reading of the Bill reveals several provisions which, if enacted, could impede the governance of this country, and interfere with the lives of ordinary Sri Lankans as well. Continue reading The 19th Amendment – A Critique

The Good News from GG Activists!

Public interest to the fore

(Sunday Island Editorial)

THE POINT: “…………………………. the less said about the Sarath Silva led Supreme Court the better. We’ve even heard apologies for bad judgments! There was another CJ who held that the abolition of the term limit of the presidency did not affect but enhanced the people’s franchise and required no Referendum. Perhaps we are simple minded when we say the operative word is “affect” – whether the franchise is diminished or enhanced.”

The good news yesterday was that three good governance activists, all of them experienced and respected members of society with many educational and career attainments to their credit, have invoked the fundamental rights jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to have the controversial Central Bank bond issue which has been very much in the news recently examined by a competent panel of experts. Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran is on leave until the investigation commissioned by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe completes its assignment. There is no clear word yet when the inquiry panel of three lawyers, reportedly aligned to the UNP, will finish their work and submit a report to government. While not impugning the integrity and ability of members of this body, we would agree with critics that it is unreal to expect three not very well known lawyers to have the technical expertise necessary to get to the bottom of a matter such as this fraught with many complications. Continue reading The Good News from GG Activists!

Why journalists should wash “their” dirty linen in public?

Why I write

Why I write
 Khaled Almaeena (Saudi Gazette)

What compels writers or journalists to write? It is not money that motivates them. Perhaps Dani Shapiro sums up the answer well: “To shine a light, to right a wrong, to shape chaos into art, to pose difficult questions, to challenge our own belief, to connect because we have to.”

Journalists and activists write about social issues and are motivated by their sense of responsibility to serve public interests.

At times their frankness upsets some people. Many are against journalists because they believe that we should not wash our society’s dirty linen in public. I say to them that no one is perfect and we should not be ashamed to admit our shortcomings. We need to identify our mistakes so that we can correct them. Continue reading Why journalists should wash “their” dirty linen in public?

Lobbying for Fair Thinking


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