Jinns’ rights and whether humans and Jinns can intermarry

by Mawlana Qari Muhammad Tayyib al-Qasim Source: Ilmgate


By:  Mawlana Qari Muhammad Tayyib al-Qasimi

Source: Ilmgate

Rights of Jinns

Jinns too live in this world having basic rights to food, shelter and security, which nobody can deny them. The way they live in desolate and deserted places, they have right to live in our houses too. Hadiths tell us that Jinns live in every house. We do not perceive them because they mind their own business and do not interfere with ours, and when a wicked one of them creates troubles in our lives, we say that this home or person is possessed and consult an exorcist who imprisons or burns the troublesome Jinns with his exorcism. However, we are allowed to stand against and even fight with Jinns, in case they persist in their wickedness. Continue reading Jinns’ rights and whether humans and Jinns can intermarry

A choice between stability and virtue?

Source Island


I start with a quote from Shang Yang (390-338 BC), an insightful statesman in the Chinese state of Qin: “A country where the virtuous govern the wicked will suffer from disorder, so that it will be dismembered; but a country where the wicked govern the virtuous will be orderly, so that it will become strong.”

Although this quote on governance is over 2300 years old, the issues are still relevant. The January Presidential election was fought as one between stability and good governance. Such alternatives (i.e. order vs. virtue) are echoed in the above quote too. After Maithripala Sirisena won the election, the Rajapaksa camp warned that it may lead to separatist elements gaining an upper hand (cf. “dismemberment”); instead of the country becoming ‘strong’ through a long term presidency. And at the end of the 100 day Sirisena regime, doubts were expressed whether it was either orderly or strong. Continue reading A choice between stability and virtue?

Vasu’s Mean Pedigree – 2

A word of caution

Daily News Editorial

The incident where MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara used several expletives in a heated exchange of words with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in Parliament has gained widespread attention among the public and in the media.

While this is certainly not the first time that such unparliamentary language has been used in the hallowed chamber of our legislature, the previous incidents did not gain such widespread exposure. On the other hand, thanks to social media, the Internet and television this has become a talking point in society even though the expressions used in his speech and cross talk were ‘beeped out’ by the TV stations. The revolting words will no doubt be expunged from the Hansard, but that does not alter the fact that it actually happened. Continue reading Vasu’s Mean Pedigree – 2

Vasu’s Mean Pedigree -1

Comrade Vasu and his street fighter gab!

Daily Mirror Editorial

Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa sometime back was toying with the idea of allowing the broadcast of Parliament sessions live on TV. As a result a couple of pay-TV service providers are currently broadcasting the Parliamentary sessions live. But the majority of the Sri Lankans still haven’t been able to digest the idea of paying to watch TV. Given what happened in the House on Thursday, we believe the Speaker should request at least the state-owned TV channels, which don’t charge for watching, to broadcast the live parliamentary sessions. It will provide people with an idea of whom they have elected to represent them at Parliament.

Continue reading Vasu’s Mean Pedigree -1

What is rape victim Aruna Shanbaug’s real story?

By Amrita Mukherjee Source Asia Times

THE HIGHLIGHT…………………….. the cells in the part of Aruna’s brain that feel pain were alive. Through the 42 years of her hospital ordeal, the rape victim suffered excruciating pain.

Sixty-six-year-old nurse Aruna Shanbaug has become more famous in India through her death on May 18, than she ever was in life, lying in a bed in a permanent vegetative state (PVS) for the last 42 years at the King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEM) in Mumbai.

Since her death two days back, gory details of her life story have suddenly invaded the virtual space and those who had probably never heard of her have swiftly woken up to her four decades of suffering.

While numerous debates have sparked off on the social media on whether Aruna should have been allowed euthanasia or whether her offender, Sohanlal Bharta Valmiki — a sweeper at the hospital, who throttled her on a November night in 1973, with a dog chain and sodomized her because she publicly rebuked him for stealing food kept for the dogs — got off with too light a sentence of seven years for robbery and attempted murder or whether the hospital handled the case irresponsibly,  I have realized there are many sides to Aruna Shanbaug’s story that need objective analysis. Continue reading What is rape victim Aruna Shanbaug’s real story?

Can there be a less positive side to meditation?

Meditation is touted as a cure for mental instability but can it actually be bad for you?

Dr Miguel Farias Source Independent

Aaron Alexis was looking for something. He started attending a Buddhist temple in Washington and learned to meditate; he hoped it would bring him wisdom and peace. “I want to be a Buddhist monk,” he once told a friend from the temple. His friend advised him to keep studying, and Alexis did. He learned Thai and kept going to the temple – chanting, meditating. But other things got in the way.

Continue reading Can there be a less positive side to meditation?

Jaffna mayhem

Island Editorial

It was with shock and dismay that everyone received the news of the killing of a schoolgirl in the North the other day. Angry mobs wreaked havoc in Jaffna on Wednesday, demanding that the suspected murderers be either handed over to them for lynching or summarily executed inside the police station where they were being held. Their consternation is understandable.

What we have just witnessed in Jaffna is typical of Sri Lankans who want justice hurried. There have been many instances, in all parts of the country, where people took the law into their own hands and meted out instance justice to suspected criminals. Continue reading Jaffna mayhem

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