Access’s Access To Mahinda Rajapaksa: (EXCLUSIVE)

Sumal Perera’s Access To Mahinda Rajapaksa. (EXCLUSIVE) (Original Title)

Text and Interview Fazl Muhammed Nizar – Courtesy Info Sri Lanka News 
At the end of the text there is a 50+ minute interview with Mr Sumal Perera (Video)

“There’s enough on this planet for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi.

A visionary no doubt and very much in the news lately, Mr. Sumal Joseph Sanjiva Perera, the Chairman of Access Group, sitting with me few weeks ago at his plush office situated at Access Towers in Union Place and seen in the following video trying to explain his side of the story. Well, at least parts of it…,

Dreading the thought of having a local version of a Kenneth Lay or a Mikhail Khodorkovsky in our midst, in the interest of my country and my countrymen and having investigated Mr. Sumal Perera (SP) and his business operations to the best of my ability, I decided to share the following while extending Mr. Perera the right of reply, Continue reading Access’s Access To Mahinda Rajapaksa: (EXCLUSIVE)

Democracy, Dumbocracy and the tyranny of the majority

By  Mass L. Usuf – Courtesy Author 

The term democracy originates from the Greek  (dēmokratía) “rule of the people”.  Lincoln provided an inclusive meaning when he spoke of government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.  Alas, these ideals have been confined only to its glorious theoretical exposition.

Democracy in many jurisdictions has exited from its portal of sanctum sanctorum to be embraced by politicians of different hues.  Some hold it as noble while others squander its nobility.  Today it has primarily become a system to be toyed with by political manipulators.  Especially, playing on the sensitivities of the people.   It is not a difficult task. In the absence of serious political education, transparency and lack of information decision making for the common man becomes difficult.  He turns indifferent towards his democratic rights and shifts his priority to his survival.  The manipulators are corrupt and their priority is to grab power.    There has never been genuine democracy where people have ruled themselves.  The reality is a fusion of democracy and oligarchy. Democracy is only an illusion that served to mask oligarchic rule.  The previous government is a classic example of an oligarchic rule masquerading as democracy.  The prostitution of democracy is a global phenomena. The killing and displacing of  millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc. are all done in the name of democracy.  With the populace fooled and made  helpless democracy has taken the shape of  “Dumbocracy”. Continue reading Democracy, Dumbocracy and the tyranny of the majority

G’pila: “Mahinda is a Magician and he will get back his lost 5.8 Million Votes”

Gammanpila on Maithri Govt., Tamil separatism and Rajapaksa’s return

Source Daily FT

Q: Tell us about your petition with one million signatures to bring back Mahinda Rajapaksa?

A: What happened in the month of January was unprecedented in the world. At the presidential election, a group of 6.2 million people rejected Mahinda Rajapaksa and chose Maithripala Sirisena. Another group of 5.8 million rejected Maithripala Sirisena and opted for Mahinda Rajapaksa. In simple arithmetic, 6.2 million is bigger than 5.8 million and as a result Maithripala Sirisena became the President of this country. That is quite normal. What is abnormal was that thereafter Maithripala Sirisena became the de jure leader of the 5.8 million who rejected him. That is unprecedented in the world.

The UPFA has a big challenge at the forthcoming Parliamentary election. They will be led at the election by the very same person who was rejected by them just three months ago. Although President Sirisena is the de jure President of those 5.8 million people, still their de facto President is Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is a leader in their hearts. Although there is a conspiracy at the top and although the Central Committee has accepted President Sirisena as their leader, the grass root level is yet to accept the reality. Continue reading G’pila: “Mahinda is a Magician and he will get back his lost 5.8 Million Votes”

‘Rape the girl, blame the girl’

Delhi bus rapist blames dead victim for attack because ‘girls are responsible for rape’ (Original Title)

 This follows another article published in the Dawn, Pakistan titled ‘Rape the girl, blame the girl’
 ‘She should just be silent and allow the rape': Mukesh Singh claimed Jyoti would not have died if she hadn’t fought her attackers

One of the men convicted of gang raping a woman on a bus in Delhi has blamed his victim for the fatal attack, saying “girls are far more responsible for rape” than men.

The 23-year-old physiotherapy student died of horrific injuries two weeks after being assaulted by six men as she travelled home from the cinema with a male friend.

Among them was Mukesh Singh, who claims he was driving the bus during the incident on 16 December 2012 and did not take part In an interview with the BBC from prison, where he is awaiting execution, he referred to the woman’s murder as “an accident” caused by her being out at night. Continue reading ‘Rape the girl, blame the girl’

An American Journalist’s Eye-witness Account of a Saudi Prison

‘This is what Islam tells us to do': A rare glimpse inside a Saudi Arabian prison – where Isis terrorists are showered with perks and privileges (Original Title)

The Saudis are often accused of supporting Islamist radicals. In response, they insist they are more at risk from terror attacks than any other country. During a rare tour of the high-security Al-Hair facility, their ‘pragmatic and effective’ approach to rehabilitating terrorists is laid bare

The Saudis are often accused of supporting Islamist radicals. In response, they insist they are more at risk from terror attacks than any other country. During a rare tour of the high-security Al-Hair facility, their ‘pragmatic and effective’ approach to rehabilitating terrorists is laid bare

KEVIN SULLIVAN Source Independent, UK

Except for the machine guns and guard towers, the al-Hair high-security prison looks remarkably like a hotel — especially the conjugal-visit wing.

Beyond a heavy iron gate, its bars painted a cheerful lavender, a red carpet stretches the length of a long hallway, where each of the 38 private cells has a queen-size bed, a fridge, a television and a shower.

Here, just around the corner from the prison ATM, married inmates are allowed to spend three to five private hours with their wives at least once a month, with fresh linens and tea and sweets on the nightstand.

Nearly 1,100 high-security prisoners, all of them jailed on terrorism-related charges, are serving time in this prison a few miles south of Riyadh. Al-Hair is the largest of five high-security Saudi prisons established in the past decade to deal with a growing terrorism threat, first from al-Qaeda and more recently from Isis. Continue reading An American Journalist’s Eye-witness Account of a Saudi Prison

India’s sordid record in Sri Lanka

ONE hopes that Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena’s visit to India on February 15 will truly mark a turning point in the relations between the two countries. To accomplish that, India’s outlook and approach will have to change in fundamental respects. India has legitimate security interestsin the region and legitimate concerns in the welfare of the Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka. But neither the interests nor the concerns have been served by the policies that India has followed, since 1983, to be precise. Both were inspired by arrogant assumptions of the airs of “a regional power” aspiring to be a “great power” globally. Mahinda Rajapaksa, whose departure from office was universally welcomed, proved that on both counts, India enjoyed little leverage in 2014. The policies of old now lie in ruins. It would be foolish to continue as before. The situation has changed radically, and India’s interests and concerns will best be promoted by a diplomacy that relies on persuasion and not force. Continue reading India’s sordid record in Sri Lanka

Astrology is not science; it takes believer for a ride

By Charitha P de Silva Source Sunday Times

ThinkWorth can vouch a certain Muslim and handsome politician from Eastern Province who carries a “holy” surname after his name was a strong believer in astrology and superstitions (I do not about his present stand).  TW was astonished when he came to know of the politician’s belief as Islam rejects astrology and superstitions of any forms out and out.  All three Arbahamic religions complete rejects astrology and superstitions while the Buddha discouraged it to the hilt.  It is a curse to Sri Lanka.  

I refer to last Damith Vitharanage article under the headline ‘Astrology slain at the feet of MR.’ (The Sunday Times February 22). I am responding to this article because it has made some references to a previous article by me.

I shall comment at some length on DM’s views because I find them dangerous. They could be as damaging as distributing heroin to school children. Belief in astrology has done much harm to the innocent, gullible citizens of this country. It has robbed them of the power to make decisions for themselves based on their own judgement. Poor MR’s debacle is an excellent example of that. Continue reading Astrology is not science; it takes believer for a ride

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