My3 should be categorical and clear the air of uncertainty on the mR’s nomination issue.

President’s stand and MR’s prospects
Daily News Editorial
The political storm that lashed the country last Friday with the announcement by the pro Rajapaksa faction that President Maithripala Sirisena had agreed to give nominations to their boss to contest at the upcoming general elections has now been reduced to a mild breeze with the President all but negating such an eventuality. Speaking at a public event to mark the laying of the foundation stone for the next phase of Southern Expressway on Saturday President Sirisena said he will not allow family rule to prevail and reverse the achievements gained through the January 8 revolution.”Crooks and the corrupt would not be allowed to rule the country and Yahapalanaya would continue.

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Muslim Politics: A Review In English of the Tamil Article by Hajjul Aqbar, an Islamic Scholar

The Tamil article on which this review has been written has been reproduced again below the review for your reference and comparison. –TW

Under this political condition what should Muslim politicians do? Will they support this new good governance or will they return to politics of opportunism? This is the crucial question that Usthaz Hajjul Akbar asks in this short article before he proceeds to make some suggestions and advice.

by Usthaz Hajjul Akbar – Reviwed by Rifai Courtesy Author through Muslim Watch

This article appeared in many Tamil on line newspapers and networks. I was asked by some friends to translate it and yet, I prefer to review this concise but lucid article in my own word rather than translating it. Translating it would be a daunting task especially from Tamil into English with some difficult idiomatic sayings in Tamil. The central contention of this article is all about reformation of political culture among Muslim community. The writer gives some good guidelines on this article. I think all Muslims in Sri Lanka should read this article. That is why I’m reviewing this article.

  • I wish this article is translated into Sinhalese language as well, so that, Sinhalese people too will know Islamic perception of politics.
  • This article is a brilliant piece of writing by Usthaz Hajjul Akbar.
  • This is a timely needed article in the political climate of Sri Lanka today.
  • Indeed, this is a thought provoking piece of writing in the socio-political context of Sri Lankan Muslim community today.
  • I think that this article is an eye opener for Muslim community.
  • Socio-political, educational, religious and communal leadership of Muslims across Sri Lanka should read this article before they go to polling stations in this forthcoming general election.
  • This article is written in a broader Islamic perspective taking into account Muslim minority context of Sri Lanka.
  • This article proposes some guidelines and sets some qualifications and qualities for those who want to engage in politics in Sri Lanka from our community today.
  • In short, this article suggests some ideas to reform the political culture of Muslims in Sri Lanka.

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Nomination of MR: Betrayal of good governance and collapse of moral principles

Nomination to Mahinda Rajapaksa to contest forthcoming election

Betrayal of good governance and collapse of moral principles


By Latheef Farook Courtesy Author

So, once again yet another parliamentary election to elect a new government!

The question is what the choice available is for the island’s unfortunate voters.

Inevitably the only choice is between the two major political parties-United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party- both of which, with their racist politics, brought the country to today’s shameful state of affairs.

These two parties were solely responsible for dividing communities to promote the majority Sinhalese at the expense of the minorities to either remain in power or capture power. Continue reading

Isis are barbarians – but the Caliphate is an ancient Muslim ideal

Isis are barbarians – but the Caliphate is an ancient Muslim ideal

By John Casey Source Independent

It is absurd to be baffled by those who leave Britain for Iraq and Syria, argues renowned academic John Casey. Healing the divisions of Islam and forming a single state under God’s law is a dream that stands at the heart of all Muslim traditions. Continue reading

“I have to justify my religion and myself to the non-Muslim world”

I am a Muslim and I am angry


Tariq Al-Maeena (Courtesy the author)

Ramadan is a spiritually significant month for Muslims the world over. It is a time for inner reflection, devotion to God and self-control. It is a time when Muslims repent, ask for forgiveness for sins and spend their time in intense worship. Muslims think of it as a kind of tune-up for their spiritual lives. We are to make peace with those who have wronged us, strengthen ties with family and friends and do away with bad habits and bad feelings. Fasting, reading the Quran, increasing charitable deeds, cleansing one’s behaviour and doing good are some of the ways Muslims use to draw themselves closer to God. This is what true Muslims believe in and do. Continue reading

“Don’t attack Maithri, I will handle him” – MR

Sri Lanka President claims ignorance over Mahinda nomination

By Our Political Correspondent (Sunday Island)

The titled news and another interesting “revelation” by Arjuna Ranatunga appear after this. -TW

President Maithripala Sirisena, who is facing intense criticism over accommodating his nemesis Mahinda Rajapaksa in the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), appears to have made a second U-turn in as many days.

President Sirisena reportedly agreed to name former strongman Rajapaksa as a UPFA candidate to face the August 17 parliamentary election, but even 24 hours after the initial announcement, he himself remained silent.

However, Buddhist monk Maduluwawe Sobitha, a key figure responsible for Sirisena’s victory at January 8 vote, told reporters that he spoke with the president who claimed he was unaware of Rajapaksa getting a UPFA ticket. Continue reading

“My head is bloody but unbowed”

Re-dedication To The Ideals Of The Sunday Leader

Sunday Leader Editorial

This issue of The Sunday Leader is of special significance because we re-dedicate ourselves to the basic objective of this newspaper: Unbowed and Unafraid – our motto which we carry on the front page of our publication.

Unbowed and Unafraid of whom or what? The simple answer is ‘to tell the truth’, which is so easily said but quite a difficult task to accomplish. Great religious leaders, philosophers, politicians and the ordinary folk, down the ages, have kept asking: What is the truth? The Sunday Leader does not profess to have the answer to this query which has defied the greatest of minds. Continue reading