Is Ceylon Today newspaper funded by Israel Embassy here?

Israel Is The Villain Of The Peace

This piece published in the 23/07/2014 edition of the Colombo Telegraph was emailed to me by the writer Mr Hameed Kareem himself.  The so-called Ceylon Today whose chief editor happens to be a Muslim (Hana Ibrahim) seems to be on a sinister campaign against the Palestinians in particular and Muslims in general.  
indexRecently, a couple of weeks back, this paper was under heavy fire from the Muslim public of Sri Lanka for its sinister poster titled “Sri Lanka under Al-Quidha Threat” to sell the titled article in its edition of 6th July. My point here is if the paper is neutral, it should have published Hameed Kareem’s reply without delaying it.  Will it publish?
(Added by blogger)Who’s who at Ceylon Today
  Editor in Chief – Hana Ibrahim
  Editor – Jayantha Sri Nissanka
  Senior Deputy Editor – Dilrukshi Handunnetti
  Deputy Editor -  Vindya Amaranayake
  Deputy Editor -  Ranga Jayasuriya
  Deputy Editor -  Niresh Eliatamby
  Deputy Editor (Graphics) – Thivanke Beragama
  Special Assignments Editor – Ravi Ladduwahetty
  Web Editor – Gandhya Senanayake
  Business Editor – Devan Daniel
  Art Editor – Janaka Ratnayake
  Senior News Editor – P. Ananthakrishnan
  News Editor – Gagani Weerakoon
  News Editor – Sulochana Ramiah Mohan
  Features Editor – Apsara Kapukotuwa Perera
  Chief Sub Editor – Fathima Razik Cader (Blogger’s note: She is a retired veteran broadcaster with Sri Lanka Broadcasting corporation)
  Acting Sports Editor – Champika Fernando
  Cartoonist – R.Surendran

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Birth of facilitators of sin and perpetrators of crime

Nation at the altar of faith

Source: Daily Mirror

The absurdity of the situation unprecedented; timing immaculate and levels so shallow

Events flow on, politicians rejoice and a nation weeps…

“Through me you go into a city of weeping; through me you go into eternal pain, through me you go amongst the lost people ~Dante Alighieri, The Inferno

All indications of certain societal decay are present; the symptoms of a terminal sickness are frighteningly manifest in the body politic of the country.
Yet no one, no physician, no surgeon, no psychiatrist or any other medical practitioner or a social scientist has diagnosed the illness. Continue reading

israeli ambassador at white house Ifthar

Why I, a Palestinian-American, Went to White House Iftar and What I Learned


Monday’s Iftar was a discourteous gesture on behalf of the host, when he symbolically slapped his Muslim guests not once, but twice, in the face. The invitation of the Israeli ambassador to the Iftar (unbeknownst to me until my arrival) was a strike, but the President’s reiteration of support of Israel during his speech was two. Continue reading

Do you have a vaccine for Islamophobia?

Why Do They Hate Us? Muslims and Some Enduring Myths


“………….It was all for power and religion had nothing to do with any of these antics. If these men had indeed been real representatives of Islam and its teachings, their subjects would have pleaded with them to stay and rule them, as the persecuted Jews did when Caliph Omar visited Jerusalem or as the oppressed people of Spain did when Tariq bin Ziad arrived famously burning all his ships….”

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Foreign ‘Juliets’ and Saudi ‘Romeos’ – why not?!

 DR. KHALED M. BATARFI Source Saudi Gazette

In response to the love story of Spanish-American Julieta and her Saudi Romeo in my last article, I received many responses. Some attempted to predict the future of the couple, if they did get married. Most were pessimistic about the mixing of cultures. Living in Saudi Arabia, having children from a foreign mother, enforcing the will of love on rejectionist families and an unfriendly society, seemed, for many, a recipe for an unsafe and unhappy life. Here is what others with similar experiences wrote: Continue reading

Astrology is harmful

When belief in astrology is harmful

When I was a trainee in psychiatry there was a famous astrologer from down south who regularly referred patients to the Professor of Psychiatry. Through long experience he was able to identify persons with mental illness who came to him for astrological readings and refer them for help. His diagnosis was usually correct. Sadly he is one of few enlightened astrologers. More than with any other illness people are likely to seek help from an astrologer when they or their relatives develop signs of mental illness. Perhaps it is because signs of mental illness are more likely to be behavioural, emotional and cognitive rather than physical, therefore less likely to be recognised as an illness. As with rituals and traditions, is it harmful to seek astrological help in such times? Continue reading

There is a huge difference between Youth Parliament and Jokers’ Parliament

‘Muslims are an integral part of the nation’

Source Daily Mirror

Former diplomat, educator and peace activist Javed Yusuf in an interview over recent development says it is very unfortunate that when we as a country are facing a number of challenges on the international front we are shooting ourselves in the foot by creating another problem which has already drawn unfavourable international attention.

Mr. Yusuf is an Attorney-at-Law, Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Former Senior Advisor on Arab and Islamic Affairs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Former Secretary General of the Peace Secretariat for Muslims and Former Human Rights Commissioner of Sri Lanka. Following are the excerpts of the interview: Continue reading


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