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What is unique about Islam is that while other religious movements, particularly Christianity, got over their early violent origins, it failed to move on and update its theological precepts  

What is Islam?

I know Islam’s critics will be dying to answer this question, but it is more important to hear it from Muslims themselves because, after all, it is their conflicting interpretations of Islam which are behind so much of the confusion and mayhem around the world. A religion of peace, yet a religion which is invoked to wreak such mindless violence. A religion which is said to accord dignity, respect and equality to women; yet a religion in which a woman’s testimony is only half as good as a man’s. A religion which exhorts its followers to gain knowledge even if it means “going to China”; yet some of whose most noisy campaigners despise knowledge and are prepared to kill little girls for attending school. And a religion which preaches tolerance and coexistence; yet which has become synonymous with hate and intolerance. Read the rest of this entry »

Exclusive: Rohingya could face detention under Myanmar draft plan

Rohingya Muslims pass time near their shelter at a refugee camp outside Sittwe

Source: Burma Times: 28 Sep 2014

(Reuters) – Myanmar’s national government has drafted a plan that will give around a million members of the persecuted Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority a bleak choice: accept ethnic reclassification and the prospect of citizenship, or be detained.

Most of Myanmar’s 1.1 million Rohingya already live in apartheid-like conditions in western Rakhine, where deadly clashes with ethnic Rakhine Buddhists in 2012 displaced 140,000 people, mostly Rohingya.

The plan, shared with Reuters by sources who have received copies of the draft, proposes Rakhine authorities “construct temporary camps in required numbers for those who refuse to be registered and those without adequate documents”. Read the rest of this entry »

When a fish rots …

Source Island

Former Director (Administration) of Parliament Lacille de Silva has, in a brief interview with this newspaper, put his finger on what really ails the national legislature whose standards continue to deteriorate with senior political leaders doing precious little to arrest the spread of the rot. What attracts political dregs to Parliament is the host of perks and privileges MPs are entitled to, the former bureaucrat has argued. Everyone who has amassed wealth even through narcotics trade and other illegal operations wants to become a parliamentarian so that he can rise above the law and protect his interests. Read the rest of this entry »

BBS-Ashin Wirathu Alliance

By Latheef Farook; Source Latheef Farook

The alliance between anti Muslim Sri Lankan racist outfit Bodu Bala Sena and Burma’s   blood thirsty Buddhist Monk Ashin Wiruthu, responsible for slaughtering thousands of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, spells disaster for the island.

This extremely dangerous alliance, brought together by their common hatred towards Islam and Muslims, perhaps trained and financed by their new found  Israel and United States friends , has all the ingredients to turn the island into a killing field from which it may unlikely to recover for decades  to come  under the existing  local and global political environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Protect public and elephants from drunken mahouts

Sagarica Rajakarunanayake, Sathva Mithra
source Island


Pereheras or processions to celebrate Buddhist events are regularly conducted by Buddhist temples. Earlier only few temples had elephants walking in pereheras, but now even small temples have at least one in their pereheras.  Yet little heed is paid to the important matter of the proper control of elephants in a humane manner by mahouts, preventing them from running amok. They also fail to pay attention to the need for the mahouts in charge of elephants in pereheras to be sober, strictly prohibiting them from consuming liquor. (Blogger’s comment:  If Buddha was alive today, he would never allow this kind of processions.  I do not know where in Buddhism or in which sutra this kind of temple processions is sanctioned.) Read the rest of this entry »

அமைச்சர் பஷீர் சேகு தாவூத் அவர்களின் அண்மைய உரைகளும் எமது அவதானங்களும்

Dr.-ILM.-Rifas(Dr. ILM. றிபாஸ்) Source: Vara Uraikal, Kattankudy and recommended by an email friend

Dr.-ILM.-Rifasகாதுகளே இவன் கரங்களுக்கு

கட்டளை இடுவதால்

வார்த்தை ஜாலங்களுக்குள்

வாக்கை தொலைப்பவன்

மூளையை இவன்

மூடியே வைப்பதால்

மூடர்களால்கூட இவனுக்கு

தலைவனாயிருக்க முடிகிறது. – என்கிறது ஒரு கவிதை. Read the rest of this entry »

IS Monster and Middle East Mayhem

By Ameen Izzadeen Source Daily Mirror

President Barack Obama has taken his war on terror to another Arab country. Syria is the seventh Muslim countrythat has been bombed by the US since Obama became president.  The other six countries where he ordered bombings are: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya.

Of course, in his defence, the Nobel peace laureate says he is committed to his policy of not putting boots on the ground and is acting in self defence. In this instance, US officials say they are fighting against a terror group that has killed two American citizens and therefore such a war has legitimacy in international law, but others insist UN approval is necessary as the US action is an affront to Syria’s sovereignty.

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