Muslim situation in Sri Lanka through Press TV (prior to June 2014 Violence)

In this 24-minute Press TV you will see visuals and watch interviews of people involved actively in the positive and negative life of Sri Lanka.  The interviewees are-

  • Asath Salley, Politician
  • Dr Dayan Jayathilake, Academic and former Diplomat
  • Malinda Seneviratna, Editor, The Nation
  • Dr Pakiyasothy Sarawanamuth, Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Dilantha Vithanage, Secretary BBS
  • Mohamed Rizvie Mahroof, Layman
  • Gnanasara Thero, BBS
  • Mohamed Aroos, Layman
  • Baddegama Samitha Thero, BBS
  • Rauff Hakeem, Minister of Justice
  • Mohamed Hisham, Layman

It would have been “more balanced” if the correspondent had managed to interview azver, feizer musthaffa, cader haji the three ardent government partners.   Continue reading

What is happening to the Muslims of Myanmar and why?

What is happening to the Muslims of Myanmar and why?

Continue reading

The Etiquette of Celebrating Eid

by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Source:

One of the meritorious aspects of the month of Shawwal is that it has been chosen by Allah Almighty for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, one of the only two annual festivals recognized by the Shari’ah. This joyous day is intended by the Shari’ah to serve as a sign of gratitude by the Muslims on the accomplishment of Ramadan and as an immediate reward by Allah for those who spent the month of Ramadan in fasting and performing other forms of ritual worship. Continue reading

The Arab world has lost its soul


Khaled Almaeena Courtesy: Saudi Gazette

For those Arabs born in the early fifties no decade in their history passed off without any major event. The 1956 invasion of Suez by Israel, Britain and France referred to as the tripartite invasion. The June 1967 war in which a large chunk of Arab territory was seized by Israel. The October 1973 war in which the Egyptians challenged the myth of Israeli invincibility and had it not been for an active US support the final outcome would have been totally different. Continue reading

Fear of flying

Source: Saudi Gazette

About 500 passengers die in crashes of commercial planes each year. That number has already been exceeded by about 200 this year.

With four major airline tragedies on record — starting with missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 in March — this year has easily become the year of airplane disasters. The past few days has brought the point home. Continue reading

If you weren’t afraid of flying before last week…

If you weren’t afraid of flying before last week… you probably are now
Safety statistics are no match for a plane crash’s power to disturb

Source: Independent, UK

Archie Bland Author Biography

Captain: Oh, s***. Pull up, baby.

First Officer: It’s OK.

Captain: OK, easy does it, easy does it. Up, baby… more, more.

First Officer: OK.

Captain: Up, up, up.

End of recording.

TWA 800. AF 447. United 93. MH370, and, now, MH17. These codes are like the titles of ghost stories, elusive and strange: they carry the finality of a eulogy, and the weight of superstition. If you think of one shortly before boarding a plane yourself, your own flight number begins to seem haunted. They are frightening. Continue reading

Needed: A national ideology to replace Sinhala Buddhist hegemony

Source: Daily FT

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga recently spoke at a meeting of the Wives of War Victims about the present plight of our country. She said while the UN and developed countries are talking about building an inclusive society, we are seeking to build an exclusive society only for the majority.

We have sought to exclude the minorities – first the Tamils, now the Muslims and eventually the Christians. Economists talk of inclusive growth so that the benefits of economic development accrue to all the people including the poor and the low income classes. But what about inclusive politics? It is not enough to make minority political parties a part of a coalition Government if the Government vests all power in the hands of the ruling family with others merely enjoying the lavish perks of office. Continue reading


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