“Pakistanis have a love for democracy that the rest of the world should admire”

How to rethink ‘Pakistan isn’t made for democracy

Sami Shah Source The Dawn, Pakistan

‘Government of the people, for the people, by the people,’ sounds less like a promising achievement and more like a warning.

It only works when you don’t think about the fact that the people really shouldn’t be trusted with anything, unless that thing has had all its edges sanded off and no small wiggly bits that they might accidentally swallow and choke on.

My point is, people really aren’t all that great.

And before you think I’m a snob for saying so, remember I am ‘people’ too. I know exactly what kind of an idiot I am. Just off the top of my head, I often forget to pull up my zip before leaving the house, I’m still not totally sure what relationship the Senate and the Parliament have in the government (although I pretend like I do), and I will shamelessly admit to liking the new Taylor Swift song despite being a 36-year-old man. And this is just the stuff that I’m willing to admit to. Continue reading

India’s godman syndrome


Godmen do extraordinarily well in our country than in most others, and that is where the puzzle lies. Is our society more vulnerable? Or, does this show up so blatantly among us because of the way we practise democracy and secularism?

In a family of godmen, a clean baba stands out like a white sheep. That, however, does not stop people from stooping to charlatans in robes and matted hair. And the reason is simple: these godmen happily stomp on grounds where scientists fear to tread.

What facts can help figure out the beginning of the beginning, or how something came out of nothing? Alternatively, which experiment can explain the end of the end, or what it is to be dead? It’s a mug’s game to press scientists to find solutions to these questions, because they are actually riddles. In one case, the answer lies before a fact was born and, in the other, after a fact has gone.

Riddles, however, are the staple of godmen, mystics and saints. It is not enough to know why wood floats, stones sink or how planes fly. Science can tell us about these and much more, but that does not stop us from speculating on the wonder of life or the darkness of death. When all is said and done, no matter the quantum leaps in knowledge, those niggling, nettlesome issues will still remain.

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Maithripala’s allegations are not just empty rhetoric but rather serious

Source Daily Mirror
Until President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared his intention by proclamation, to hold an early presidential election on November 20, a day after he completed four years of his current term, the Opposition seemed to be struggling to find a common candidate for the presidential election that was unofficially announced at the time.

However, the Opposition had been so secretive that even the government’s intelligence apparatuses seemed to have been caught on the wrong foot. The Opposition had by then chosen its common candidate from within the Government’s top rank itself.

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Menaka’s Pointed Questions and apy’s Vague Answers

Those who left will be isolated – Anura Priyadharshana Yapa

In an interview, the newly appointed Sri Lanka Freedom Party General Secretary, Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa spoke on the latest developments with regard to the upcoming presidential election and the political situation in the country. 

By  Menaka Gamage Source Daily Mirror

 Even before the proclamation of  a presidential poll, Hela Urumaya left the alliance, then with the proclamation Wasantha Senanayake also came out, what is happening to the government which boasted of big wigs of opposition cross overs?
When you are members of  political parties you always have varied aspirations, JHU still remains in the alliance and seems to have  not accepted yet what the other party had decided. Any one can leave the party as he thinks fit  , but I do not think that these moves have strengthened the opposition.

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“Development” and Foul Practices

Creating a Noble Humane Environment

Source: Daily Mirror

What is Development?

Development must necessarily mean Human Development. No development effort can be meaningful and fruitful unless and until the development is people-oriented and aimed to result in healthy human growth This requires optimization of available resources through an Integrated Development Plan. The ultimate goal of such a development plan should be the provision of Right Opportunities for the satisfaction of Human Needs at different levels without undue exposure to stresses. That is from the Basic Human Needs of Food Clothing, Shelter and Medicine, the people must ascend through Security and Social Needs, up to the Actualization of one’s Human Potential. The three primary factors influencing Human Development are: Environmental; Social and Economic.
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Stick to Simple Foods and save yourself from Illnesses

Dear Non-Muslim Followers and Readers of ThinkWorth,

ThinkWorth shares this audio with a sincere intention – repeat sincere intention.  It is not to indoctrinate you towards Islam.  Of course you will happen to hear the words such as; Allah, Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him), Quran, Hadith’s, Prophet’s companion’s names and Arabic words, etc. during the course of this 70-minute informative talk.  Discount the words and concentrate on the rest of the talk.  It will give you a lot of tips to maintain your body and health with healthy foods and good habits.

Hope you will benefit from this talk.


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Surrendering your NIC ahead of polls: Is it to rob your votes?

Source: ST Business Times Editorial

“…………………..The newspaper report said this provision was being applied from November onwards. It was apparently announced at a media briefing by M. Sarath Kumara, the Commissioner of the Registration of Person Department and is effective from November 1.

Yet there are no public notices in the media or through a gazette notification (as far as we are aware) to inform the people……………”

A couple of years ago during a local government election campaign, a group of activists from the then ruling party came visiting houses in the Nugegoda/Nawala area with the usual greetings and one ‘strange’ question: “How many of the occupants registered as voters are working abroad or living abroad?”

When they walked into the garden of a journalist, his angry response to this, then peculiar question coming from a group that was not authorized to ask such questions, was, “Why do you want to know. What authority do you have?” First surprised with the response, they hemmed and hawed with an ‘Err … Sir … just… No, for our information…” When the journalist went on the offensive, declaring that “they were trying to elicit this information to note the number of voters overseas, and then use these votes illegally…,” they beat a hasty retreat.

A few months ago, a policeman in a particular village in the Puttalam district was repeatedly harassing a live-alone woman whose husband was working abroad and demanding sexual favours. Fearing for her safety, she filed a complaint with a higher police authority and eventually the corrupt officer was transferred.

These are some of the serious issues that would arise and threaten the safety and security of families where one parent is living abroad, if the Government goes ahead with a decision asking Sri Lankans to surrender their NIC (identity card) to the Commissioner of the Registration of Persons Department or his designated nominees (that is the Police or other authorised persons) if they are staying abroad for over six months. Continue reading


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