FLASH: Saudis risk new Muslim division with proposal to move Mohamed’s tomb


Saudis risk new Muslim division with proposal to move Mohamed’s tomb

By Andrew Johnson Source Independent

One of Islam’s most revered holy sites – the tomb of the Prophet Mohamed – could be destroyed and his body removed to an anonymous grave under plans which threaten to spark discord across the Muslim world.

The controversial proposals are part of a consultation document by a leading Saudi academic which has been circulated among the supervisors of al-Masjid al-Nabawi mosque in Medina, where the remains of the Prophet are housed under the Green Dome, visited by millions of pilgrims and venerated as Islam’s second-holiest site. The formal custodian of the mosque is Saudi Arabia’s ageing monarch King Abdullah. Continue reading

Chemical Bombs in the foods we eat and drink

We are poisoning our children

Source: Daily Mirror

photo(1)Despite the marvels of modern medicine including the latest 3-D nano technology, more people are falling sick more often — public hospitals are overcrowded and private hospitals overcharging — while more medical specialists are unable to diagnose some of the ailments of unknown origin. One of the main reasons for this calamity was spotlighted with graphic and grave details at the Sri Lanka Medico-legal Society’s annual scientific sessions at the SLFI auditorium last Saturday.

The theme of the sessions was, “Are we poisoning our children?” The facts and figures given by some eminent speakers prompted the chairperson to quip whether the members and guests including the Chief Guest Attorney General Palitha Fernnado might be afraid to eat the prepared lunch but he assured there were no sausages which many nutritionists describe as ‘processed rubbish’. Continue reading

Mellifluous Music by Bamboo Band – An interesting Tamil Video

Who thought Bamboo would do these things? Watch to believe. (Video suggested by an email friend from his Facebook Page) Continue reading

The brown bigots

By Nadeem F. Paracha Source: The Dawn

One of the points highlighted in this piece: (The author has pinpointed several of the many racist instances in this informative article.  Sri Lankans are no better):
“The most disturbing aspect of this form of racism is the way it is blindly accepted as a social norm. For example, many offices in India still hire Muslims and the Hindu ‘untouchables’ to do the most demeaning chores, and it is an unwritten rule that these employees are not allowed to use cutlery that is being used by other office employees.”

The common stereotype of a racist is a fat, white man hurling abuses at ‘niggers’, ‘Pakis,’ Jews and gays. Whereas once communists too figured on the hate list of white supremacists, they have now largely been replaced with Muslims.

But Western racist organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan, the British National Party and various other neo-Nazi groups have become self-parodies. If one sees a parade of neo-Nazi groups today, they, with their silly looking hoods, costumes and salutes, look no more than puerile caricatures of trite racism.

Their racism has become a costume drama. This is especially due to the way Western security agencies have dealt with these organisations and also because of the successes of the civil rights movement and its many revolutionary initiatives since the 1960s. Continue reading

“Please sir, I am not an Iqama holder!!”

Punish Saudis who misbehave abroad

Blogger’s comment:  Hats off to this veteran gentleman journalist who has not minced his words in bringing out the truth about the general behaviour pattern of the large majority of the Arabs, not necessarily Saudis.  We Muslims who live in the non-Muslim countries sometimes pay the price for their indecent and rude behaviours.  Pakistanis too (especially the immigrants) too indulge themselves in uncouth behaviours and thereby tarnish the Image of Islam and embarrass Muslims.   The behaviour patterns of Indian and Sri Lankan Muslims are comparatively much much better (except of course the politicians).

KHALED ALMAEENA Source Saudi Gazette

Two Kuwaiti lawmakers have called for revoking the passports of any Kuwaiti who harms the country’s reputation abroad amid embarrassing reports about Kuwaiti travelers making a nuisance and a spectacle of themselves in public.

In a news item appearing in a Gulf paper, Nabeel Al-Fadl was quoted as saying that the interior minister should look seriously at those Kuwaitis tarnishing the country’s image abroad. Another member of parliament, Abdul Hamid Dashti, also called for a debate on this subject.

Social media has brought to our attention various types of behavior best described as not in harmony with Islamic or Arab traditions. Though only a minority may be involved, their actions grab the attention of the press in foreign countries and cast a blanket accusation on all. Continue reading

Toilets are needed; so is Toilet Training

While ensuring sanitation facilities, we need to learn to keep them clean as well

Gayathri Ponvannan Source Hindu

THE POINT: “…………………Lady, this no good. He no young. You’ve to ‘learn’ your child.” In spite of the sundry verb misuse, the meaning was clear enough………..”

There seems to be a lot of noise on toilets of late. With the government stressing on steps to provide adequate numbers of them, the topic is in the news.

Ample sanitation facilities are indeed a dire requirement. However, the success of such ambitious plans lies not only in constructing lavatories, but also in educating the public on them. Not just the benighted demographic that’s often derided as slovenly, but also the section that is considered literate, and so fastidious. For, sadly advanced literacy rates and higher incomes do not always spell a proportionate level of civic sense. Continue reading

The unpardonable Crimes in the name of religion: Iraq, Gaza and Burma

Stand Up Against Extremism

Continue reading


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