Modi’s wife – “a symbol of sacrifice and pain”

Narendra Modi’s wife should be awarded Bharat Ratna: Tarun Gogoi

Guwahati: In a personal attack on the BJP prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Sunday demanded a Bharat Ratna for Jashodaben, wife of Narendra Modi, calling her “a symbol of sacrifice and pain”. (In poll affidavit, Narendra Modi says Jashodaben is his wife) More

“Our enemy is not terror. It’s dirty money”

The Middle East we must confront in the future will be a Mafiastan ruled by money

By Robert Fisk Source The Independent

In Iraq, mafiosi already run almost the entire oil output of the south of the country

Saudi Arabia is giving $3bn – yes, £2bn, and now let’s have done with exchange rates – to the Pakistani government of Nawaz Sharif. But what is it for? Pakistani journalists have been told not to ask this question. Then, when they persisted, they were told that Saudi generosity towards their fellow Sunni Muslim brothers emerged from the “personal links” between the Prime Minister and the monarchy in Riyadh. Saudi notables have been arriving in Islamabad. Sharif and his army chief of staff have travelled to the Kingdom. Then Islamabad started talking about a “transitional government” for Syria – even though Pakistan had hitherto supported President Bashar al-Assad – because, as journalist Najam Seti wrote from Lahore, “we know only too well that in matters of diplomatic relations there is no such thing as a gift, still less one of this size”.


Teachers devastated by FB Comments and Emails

Teachers: ‘Our pupils are targeting us’ with more than a quarter victims of abuse on social media

Source: Independent, UK

Teachers are facing an increasing barrage of “vile” sexual abuse, unfair allegations of incompetence and videos of themselves taken without their consent being posted online by their pupils, according to a report seen by The Independent.


‘Voter buffaloes’ (Are the people of Hambantota Fools?)

Thugs and toys

Source: Island (Editorial)

The Constitution tells us that only the Executive President enjoys legal immunity in this country. But, in reality, all ruling party politicians are above the law. The police act against them only when they become too embarrassing to their political masters and threaten the interests of the government in power. The powers that be defend them to the hilt when they get into hot water by unleashing violence while doing ‘political work’ for the party. More

Qatar is giving in to ksa’s bullying?

Is Qatar Abandoning the Muslim Brotherhood

Abdel Bari Atwan Source Email Acquaintance

On Thursday evening, at an emergency meeting in Riyadh, Qatar’s foreign minister, Khalid al-Attiya, signed  the Gulf co-operation Council’s pact on non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs. In March, Qatar’s refusal to sign up to the pledge resulted in three states – Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain – withdrawing their ambassadors from Doha. More

A suggestion SL Muslims should consider

A South East Asian Solution for the Muslims – II

By Izeth Hussain Source Island

Blogger’s note: The part one of this article was published in this blog under the title “Submissive role of the SL’s Muslim politicians ( which you can refer to for cross reference.

I now approach the question of why the SL Muslims should emulate the example set by the Chinese in South East Asia, particularly in the Philippines. First of all I must draw attention to the significance of the fact that the protracted anti-Muslim hate campaign and demonstrations failed to ignite mass Sinhalese action against the Muslims, as I noted earlier in this article.  It is worth recounting my first-hand experience at Kalpitiya fishing harbor last year. I went there with the Muslim owner-driver of a van, whose family were native inhabitants of the place and were thoroughly familiar with it. It was sunset and the fishing boats were coming in, and in the absence of ethnic markers in the clothing all the fishermen looked alike to me. I was told that they consisted of all three ethnic groups, Sinhalese, Tamils, and Muslims. How were they getting on with each other? Quite well, no problems. But just a few days earlier there had been an impressive BBS anti-Muslim demonstration in Kalpitiya, with the usual bellowing, bawling, yelling, screeching, screaming fury against the Muslims. The next day the Sinhalese and the Muslims continued to live together in peace, amity, and co-operation. More

Idiotic Questions fired at Innocent People

The stupidest questions ever asked by officials

Source: Island

Be warned. As soon as you become any sort of “official”, something weird happens to your brain, forcing you to fire bizarre questions at innocent people. I’m constantly cursed by these, as are readers.

A businessman recently told local officials that he had no birth certificate. “No problem,” they replied. “Just bring in the mid-wife who delivered you.” More

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