A university (that was) More open than usual

A glorious vision all but forgotten

Source: Sunday Times

Blogger’s Note:  The writer’s laments are justified given the current state of affairs of the university.  The high ideals set and pursued by much revered Sir Ivor Jennings that poor innocent soul have been thrown to the winds by the politicians. 

Sir Ivor Jennings’ life’s work was creating the University of Peradeniya; now 60 years on, a new generation hardly knows his name writes Namali Premawardhana

“Ah, chaste permitted wilderness below our house
complete with winding walks and warbling stream
designed to breed debate and poetry More

Cardinal Karmic Crime

Bodu Bala chickens come home to roost

Source: Sunday Times

Like curses wrongfully made return home to him that curses, at long last it seems the Bodu Bala chickens are coming home to roost in accordance with the karmic law of cause and effect as expounded by the Buddha. More

Dear President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Dear President…! An open letter to President Rajapaksa

As forwarded by an email acquaintance

Blogger’s Note:  This dissident journalist happens to be the brother of the present Elections Commissioner of Sri Lanka Mahinda Deshapriya.

(Lanka-e-News-22.April.2014, 11.30PM -By Sunanda Deshapriya) I am writing this letter to you, form the same flat, same room, with a computer placed on the same table you were sitting at, discussing a pending visit of a group of parliamentarians to study the federal experience in Europe. It was some ten years ago when you were the leader of the parliamentary opposition. More

“Women themselves are responsible for getting raped”: SL’s Speaker


Tisaranee Gunasekara Source From an Email Acquaintance from Australia
“My opinion is that nobody can make men responsible for the violence against women. Women are responsible for it…”
Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa [i]


The haunting witch

The Bell Witch of Tennessee

Source: ranker.com
The story of the Bell Witch of Tennessee is one of the more famous true ghost stories in American history. The story inspired several documentaries and a major motion picture, 2005′s “An American Haunting.” It’s one of the most well-documented “true” ghost stories ever. More

Sinning by recycling

A paper sin

Source: Island

Asgiriya Maha Nayake, Most Ven. Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Thera, is reported to have sought President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s intervention to prevent the print media from publishing the pictures of the Buddha. The prelate has reportedly argued that papers with such pictures are used for wrapping meat and fish. His concern is to be appreciated. But, the practicability of his exhortation is open to question. More

Age: Dead; Health; Not applicable; Beauty: Body decaying.

Real value, real wealth, real success

Source: http://jamiat.org.za
Consider a person with the following profile:

Blogger’s note:  My two poems Lament of a Corpse and Ghostly Murmurs published more than 23 years ago in 1990 have been embedded in view of their appropriateness to this article at least to some extent

Age: In the prime of life.  Health: Super fit. Beauty: Outstanding. Wealth: Multi billionaire. Qualifications: 7 PHDs. Social Standing: Among the most influential people in the country

Two days later he passed away. His re-written profile now reads:

Age:  Dead. Health: Not applicable. Beauty: Body decaying. Eyes have disappeared leaving empty sockets. Hair and teeth have fallen off.  Wealth: Left empty handed. Qualifications: Soul did not qualify in anything. Social standing: Besides a few people everyone has largely forgotten him and are not concerned about him in any way. More

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