The BJP and Hindu-Muslim Romance

Mukul Kesavan Source

The notion of ‘love jihad’ is a classic example of a majoritarian party trying to tap into a sense of passive-aggressive injury. In the Indian context this consists of riffing on several related themes: we-are-peaceful-but-they-are-predatory, we-don’t-convert-but-they-steal-our-daughters, if-this-goes-on-we’ll-be-a-minority-soon

‘Love jihad’ is a sharp new name for a squalid prejudice. The cadres of the Sangh Parivar have, for years, described mixed unions, specially unions between Hindu women and Muslim men, as a form of covert aggression. It’s a position founded on two assumptions: one, that every romantic attachment between a Muslim man and a Hindu woman is an example of a larger, purposeful conspiracy and two, that since no Hindu woman in her right mind would voluntarily agree to such a union, every Hindu woman in such a union is either a dupe or a coerced victim. Continue reading

மாட்டிறைச்சி ஏற்றுமதி வருவாய் தீவிரவாதத்துக்கு துணை போகிறது-மேனகா காந்தி

Source:BBC Tamil

NOTE: Reproduction of this bit of news does not mean that this blogger subscribes to the views expressed

இந்தியாவில் மாட்டிறைச்சி வர்த்தகத்தில் ஈட்டப்படும் வருமானம், தீவிரவாத மற்றும் பயங்கரவாத செயல்களுக்கு பயன்படுத்தப்படுவதாக மத்திய அமைச்சர் மேனகா காந்தி குற்றம் சாட்டியுள்ளார்.

உலகளவில் மாட்டிறைச்சி ஏற்றுமதி செய்யும் நாடுகளில் இந்தியா முதலிடம் வகிப்பதாகவும், சட்டவிரோதமாக நடத்தப்படும் இறைச்சி வர்த்தகத்தினால் தீவிரவாதிகள்தான் பயனடைவதாகவும், மகளிர் மற்றும் குழந்தைகள் மேம்பாட்டுத்துறை அமைச்சர் மேனகா காந்தி தெரிவித்துள்ளார். தீவிரவாதிகளுக்கு பயனளிக்கும் இந்த சட்டவிரோத செயல்களை தடை செய்ய நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும் என்றும் வலியுறுத்தினார். Continue reading

“Mother”: A Rebellious work of Facts Converted into Fiction

Sannasgala ‘Chinthana’: A worm’s eye view of village and society

Source: Daily FT

Two messages from Sannasgala’s ‘Amma’

Upul Shantha Sannasgala, popular Sinhala teacher cum writer, in his latest semi-autobiographical fiction, ‘Amma’ or ‘Mother,’ has left two pieces of thought for intellectuals to ponder. One is that real village and its economy are far from what is being depicted in popular songs, creative art or national level numbers. The other is that village youth can no longer rely on education to rise in the social hierarchical ladder – called social mobility – as their previous generations had done. Continue reading

Fatal Conception

Stilled life
Married at a young age, most of Shumaila’s pregnancies ended in stillbirths. Until one claimed her life

THE POINT: In Pakistan, politicians aren’t willing to change, so then how can we expect these rural people so set in their ways to change their thinking so quickly?”

By Noman Ansari Source The Dawn, Pakistan

Had you seen her from a distance, perhaps you would have mistaken her for a hunching teenager. Up close however, you would have realised that this frail and barely 5 feet tall woman was in her mid-20s. From her stunted physique, your focus would have shifted to her weathered face, which carried the weariness of a woman twice her age and contrasted strangely with her youthful and defiant eyes. Continue reading

“Anagarika Dharmapala was not a racist as he is portrayed” Grand-niece

“The mutual respect and support”
The Anagarika’s close ties with a great Tamil leader

by Mala Hewavitarne Weerasekera Source Sunday Island

It is opportune at this moment that a true understanding of the Anagarika and his message to the people is properly conveyed.

His clarion call to the Sinhala People is in grave danger of being misinterpreted and misused by elements who are out to cause religious and racial disharmony.

First, let us consider the period in which the Anagarika emerged as a Stalwart and Nationalist. It was the time of the Marshal Law. A. E. Goonesingha comments on Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan’s speech in the Legislative Assembly in 1915. “He stood like a colossus alone in the Legislative Council and vindicated the honour and dignity of the Sinhalese Nation. He spoke with tears in his eyes. He described the brutality committed by English Men with impunity under the name of British Justice. He said it was not justice but downright murder by the ruling race and it was an act of misgovernment for the ruling race to ignore all these atrocities.” Continue reading

UVA: American Embassy’s Survey Results and Political Superstar

Harin: A political superstar in the making?

Source: Sunday Island

As far as provincial elections go, the UNP seems to be doing much better in Uva than at any previous election since 2005. Due to the much spoken of violence in the Moneragala district, the impression has been conveyed to the rest of the country that the government is facing an uphill struggle in Uva. The mere fact that such an impression has been conveyed to the rest of the country is in itself a major triumph for the UNP. All this while, the impression that everyone in the country had was that the UNP just could not face the UPFA at any election. Now thanks to some thugs who have been burning down so called ‘campaign offices’ of the opposition in the dead of night, the entire country thinks the government needs to resort to thuggery to win in Moneragala. The government for its part has been trying to say that the opposition has been burning down their own ‘campaign offices’ to garner sympathy. Anybody familiar with elections knows that this too happens quite often. Continue reading

Monocracy; not democracy

‘The judiciary stands as a Bulwark against executive excesses’-BASL President

Source: Daily Mirror

The following are excerpts from the Al-haj M. E. Bakeer Marker Memorial Oration delivered by Upul Jayasuriya, the President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL).

Sadly so we are in an era experiencing mixed priorities where in democratic values or Rule of Law draws less attention and importance.

Where has it all begun? Values we all treasured and embraced, generation after generation have dwindled in no uncertain terms. The political leadership is mainly responsible for this [situation]. It is a rare commodity even amongst the rulers. If those who set the rules have no respect for them who guards the guards?

Who guards the guards?

It matters not, if a government minister, politician or even the prime minister demand prosecution be started.

Political aims, petty vindictiveness or vendettas should have no role to play. This process helps uphold the rule of law.

Lord Simon, one- time Attorney General of the United Kingdom said:

“The attorney general should absolutely decline to receive orders from the prime minister or cabinet or anybody else”.

He also further said: “While that may not do much for my political career, that is an important protection for the rule of law in the United Kingdom and one that I will uphold and staunchly defend.”

Within the framework of the rule of law, there cannot exist situations which oppress freedom of association, expressions, rights of minorities, condone wrongs over the right, and support the views of political masters and their dictates.

Such a legal system will allow discrimination. Absence of protection for human rights, courts and legal system may deprive fellow citizens of their freedom, property and ultimately their very existence. In such circumstances, the claim that the rule of law is observed is but a mockery of the truth. Continue reading


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